When God feels distant – Short Powerful Sermon By Steven Furtick

He titled the sermon When God feels distant , although it is not a visual sermon , is quite a Short Powerful Sermon By Steven Furtick , read below.

If God feels distant to you right now, you’re not alone. All of us, no matter how mature in our faith, have moments when we think, “God, I wish you would give me a sign right now. I feel uneasy. I don’t feel at rest.” These feelings are not sinful. They’re completely human and normal. And I’ve learned that a lot of times God uses distance in our feelings to call us deeper in our faith.

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You want to know the one good thing about going through a dark season? You start to appreciate the light when it comes. And if you’re like me, I know what it’s like to have weeks and weeks where it’s harder to rejoice. So when you find a reason to be grateful, grab on tight. Try to recognize today that God’s still with you. And when God feels distant, He isn’t. He’s just calling you deeper.

When God Feels Distant

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