33 Ways To Live Your Life As A Devoted Christian – (2021 – 2022)

33 Ways To Live Your Life As A Devoted Christian – (2021 – 2022) , We know that heavenly race is what we are heading towards , and the life we live is what we need to focus on.Ways To Live Your Life As A Devoted Christian

Nearest Future

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List Of 33 Ways To Live Your Life As A Devoted Christian:

1. Prov.20.29 – The glory of young men is their strength…
Eccl.11.9 – Young man, it’s wonderful to be young! Enjoy every minute of it. Do everything you want to do; take it all in. But remember that you must give an account to God for everything you do.

2. There are stages in life, by and by, we move from one to the other

3. No one was born an old man or woman, we must all pass through the stages of growth.

4. You must be conscious of the way you live at every stage of your life.

5. In the nearest future, the rate of kidney failure will be very high, and the rate of barrenness may be on high side

6. There are lots of drugs and chemicals young guys are consuming to have strong erection and also to be high.

7. They are taking all these illegal contents in excess in order to last longer on girls.

8. The only drug/drink that is trending now is on erection dysfunctional and piles

9. Wrong ideology and orientation is everywhere. The only sickness now is pile(Jedijedi), and every man is ready to solve this problem at all cost including young guys

10. If you have back pain, it is pile; waist pain, it is pile; stomach pain, it’s also pile etc. It is better to go to the hospital to treat yourself than to suffer from kidney or liver failure in the nearest future.

11. Young man! Don’t train yourself to be a sex abuser. Life is not all about sex

12. Your destiny does not lie in the number of holes you have ability and strength to penetrate now.

13. The best you can do for your life and destiny is to totally put your mind off premarital sex.

14. Even if everything around you is enough to arouse your sexual urges, it’s your personal responsibility to refine your mind

15. See any lady that dresses provocatively as someone who lacks self discipline and dignity

16. It is also unfortunate that, many young ladies in this generation have become empty. Many of them are going around with damaged or without womb.

17. Pills and abortion have caused so many atrocity in their systems

18. In no time now, all these ladies will be tying turbans, going from one church to the other, mountains to hills looking for fruits of the womb that didn’t get lost

19. Young lady! You are not a sex machine that anyone can use to quench his sexual desire.

20. Sexual immoralities and abuses has eaten this generation too deep. How can we save this generation from avoidable barrenness and kidney failure that are dangling on the nearest future

21. Prayer. Standing in the gap to intercede for them is now a collective responsibility

22. We have to join hands together to pray and pull down the stronghold of sexual immoralities that devil is using to crumble the future marriages.

23. Don’t turn the side of “I don’t care” to this matter. Your children may be upright, descent, and moral, but we are all in the same society. It seriously concerns you.

24. Parental failure. So many parents have no or little positive influence on their children in our world today

25. What will become of a child that his/her parents are also involved in sexual immoralities? It is better you don’t have a child in life than to have children and raise them improperly. Lk17:2, Mark 9:42

26. Many parents have no mouth to talk because they are benefiting from the immoral acts of their children.

27. Poverty and economy hardship. This has subjected many innocent young adults to prostitutes.

28. Young lady! No matter how poor your background may be, it is not an excuse for you to misbehave.

29. Church intervention. What else could church say…. These children are so serviceable in the church,they belong to one unit or the other, they sow seeds, pay offering and tithe regularly.

30. I want to implore “old time believers” please don’t fold your arms.

31. Kidney failure, liver disorder and barrenness are eminent in the nearest future if uncertified drugs and drinks are not curbed or controlled.

32. To reach the age of 50 is getting tighter now…take responsibility for your life

33. You’re blessed

Ojo Bamidele Igbagbodayo

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