Watch 2021 Best “Powerful Sermon On Prayer” By Tony Evans

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Powerful Sermon On Prayer
Powerful Sermon On Prayer

Be blessed.

Summary: “Powerful Sermon On Prayer” By Tony Evans


Don’t put a ‘full stop’ where God has put a ‘comma’ Sometimes we pray for a child when God is planning to give us children.

The ways of God are not the ways of men. Never under estimate people, don’t look down on people because you don’t know what God is about to do in their lives.

Invest in people, be the light through which they can see and comprehend the love of God. Don’t be quick to judge people and write them off because you think you know them.

There are people that you will see in heaven on the last day but they are still struggling with the issues of life right now. Be a channel of God’s blessings to your fellow men. You may trust no one, but love them all.

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