Top 10 Powerful Sermons On Restoration 2021

Restoration is the act of restoring , in times of difficulties , Restoration is the prayer of all Christians , check the Top 10 Powerful Sermons On Restoration 2021.

Sermons On Restoration
Sermons On Restoration

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List Of Top 10 Powerful Sermons On Restoration 2021:

1. Protect The Vessel | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

Don’t be impatient because the door hasn’t opened yet. God knows what He’s doing. He’s not going to let you miss your destiny. He sees every injustice. He sees every time you’re not treated right, someone’s trying to hold you back. Stay in peace. Your time is coming. Those closed doors can’t stop your destiny. Like this man, you’re going to see vindication, promotion, doors opening of their own accord.

2. God, Show Me What’s Next | Steven Furtick

God is faithful. What He promised you is still in route. You may not see any sign of it, every circumstance says there’s no way. Things are happening that you can’t see. In the unseen realm, God is moving the wrong people out of the way, lining up the healing, the favor, the good breaks.

3. Taking Control Of Your Mind | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

You haven’t missed your chance. God waited so He can show out in your life. He wants to make you an example of His goodness.

4. When You’re In a Fight With the Devil | Steven Furtick

God has already lined up the right people, the right breaks, the right answers. Everything you need is already in your future. Now, you’ve got to shake off the doubt, shake off the discouragement. Whether it’s been a year, five years, or fifty years, what God promised you He still has every intention of bringing it to pass.

Sermons On Restoration 2021
Sermons On Restoration 2021

5. Chain Breaker | Bishop T.D. Jakes | Elevation Church


Trust Him when you don’t see anything happening. Believe when heaven is silent. He’s working behind the scenes. Every blessing that has your name on it, if you will be patient, it’s not only going to find you, it’s going to be much better than you think. The delay is a sign that God is up to something big. It’s a sign that He’s about to show out in your life.

6. How To Reset Your Heart | Steven Furtick

Are you letting a mistake you made or some way you failed, convince you that God won’t have anything to do with you right now? Maybe one day he’ll use you. Maybe one day He’ll help you accomplish a dream. No, God is saying to you what he said to Jonah, “Get back in the game. I have something for you to do right now.” That mistake didn’t stop your destiny. You don’t have to sit on the sidelines of life. Start moving forward.

7. Borrowed Confidence | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church


When you face big enemies, big oppositions, you have to remind yourself, our God is bigger than the cancer. He’s bigger than the addiction. He’s bigger than the people that are trying to stop you. And the way to stay in faith is don’t talk about how big the problem is, talk about how big your God is. He flung stars into space. He spoke worlds into existence The good news is right now he’s breathing in your direction. He’s pushing back forces of darkness; he’s lining up the breaks that you need. Don’t let fear clutter your mind. Don’t let doubt keep you from your miracle. Don’t let people talk you out of your dreams.

8. You Didn’t Lose It; God Moved It | Steven Furtick

We can never get this day back. Live it in peace; live it in faith.

9. Let Go And Receive The Gift | Steven Furtick


Whatever you’re believing for, whatever you’re dreaming about, keep something in front of you that reminds you of what God has promised.

10. Built Different | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

Get rid of the worry, hurt, and frustration. Those things are limiting your life.

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