Wife Of Mr. Thomas Dexter Jakes, Jr (Ms. Larissa Piao) – 20 Facts

Wife Of Mr. Thomas Dexter Jakes, Jr (Ms. Larissa Piao) – 20 Facts , Shared with Caption … I’ve been waiting my whole life to find someone like you.⁣ ❤️Wife Of Mr. Thomas Dexter Jakes, Jr (Ms. Larissa Piao) - 20 Facts Photo October 3, 2023 Wife Of Mr. Thomas Dexter Jakes

Summary Of Wife Of Mr. Thomas Dexter Jakes, Jr (Ms. Larissa Piao):

With joyful hearts, Mr. Thomas Dexter Jakes, Jr. and Ms. Larissa Piao, delightfully announce their recent wedding celebration, held on Thursday, March 12, 2020, at The Potter’s House of Dallas. ⁣

The couples’ excitement filled the room, as they each expressed their heartfelt gratitude for the love and support of friends and family! Dexter and Larissa, together with their parents, are overjoyed to share their life-defining, momentous milestone with everyone. ⁣

The charming Brazilian-born bride is an impeccable complement to the culturally and musically inclined groom. Their backgrounds, passions and core values truly encompass what God has joined together in a sacred union. ⁣

As a nod to the couple’s fun and youthful spirit, the bride dazzled with her chic romantic Bohemian-inspired wedding gown with help from the 2020 Stella York Bridal Collection. The shimmering tulle, floral pattern embellishment and all the delicately crafted details of the wedding gown remarkably embodied the bride’s elegance and grace. ⁣Thomas Dexter Jakes Wife

To our wonderment, the enchantment didn’t end there; following the cheerful festivities, the couple embarked on a sweet escape to the exotic and refreshing island of Hawaii, where they will delight in a memorable honeymoon, begin a life-long journey as one and build a loving home of their own.⁣

Bishop T.D. Jakes and Mrs. Serita Jakes invite you to join them in the spirit of joy and appreciation, as they warmly welcome their new daughter, Mrs. Larissa Piao Jakes, into their family.

On Anniversary Thomas Dexter Jakes and Wife:

I’ve always heard people describe how the world stops on your wedding day. For us, that description took on a whole new meaning. As we wedded, the world as a whole entered a pandemic that necessitated an unprecedented lockdown. And, with God’s guidance, we built a stable foundation in the most uncertain times we’ve encountered. Nevertheless, amidst the darkness of those times, I had the light of your love to illuminate our pathway.Larissa Piao

It’s only been a year, but you’ve shown me in so many ways that no matter what life brings, I’ll have a bright, prayerful, wise, gracious, unrelenting, loving, and beautiful woman by my side. Thank you, Larissa, for honoring me with the gift of your love. I’ll spend the rest of my days showing you how grateful I am for such a blessing.

I love you, Ladi! Happy Anniversary!

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