This is the best “Sermon On Hope And Encouragement” 2021

This is the best “Sermon On Hope And Encouragement” 2021 , are you discouraged looking for the best sermon to motivate you , i think this video will help you.

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Summary On “Sermon On Hope And Encouragement”


I will like to explain it like this because the back door of grace is hell fire.

Imagine this illustration. In those days there are no hospitals so if a reckless driver gets into an accident, he dies. So Jesus came and build hospitals so that incase it happens, you don’t die but go and receive treatment and continue with your life.

Now, those that mean that you should stay or remain in the hospital? No!Apostle Paul said ‘God forbid.

Grace is not a license to sin. Infact unrepented sin will lead you to hell even if you are born again, that is why most christians will not make it to heaven.

We are saved by grace and by works. The Bible says ‘work out your salvation with fear and trembling’. God is a Holy God. KDG

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