The Gift of God – Bishop T.D. Jakes (Sermon Notes + PDF)

The Gift of God – Bishop T.D. Jakes (Sermon Notes + PDF)

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Summary: The Gift of God – Bishop T.D. Jakes

Thank you Jesus for giving us the ultimate example of how to arise up out of the tomb in order to ascend to GREATNESS. Lord I pray that you teach us how to keep the faith in speaking that our current situation isn’t permanent and give us the strength to get up and arise out of EVERYTHING in our lives that looks like a dead situation. Jesus, continue to abide in us so that the same Resurrection Power that lives in you also lives in us. Although we might face rejection or persecution WE WILL RISE AGAIN and ascend to the place that God originally planned for us. Thank you for dying for our sins and setting us free because now we are free indeed. This we ask in your Mighty name. Amen.

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