Latest TD Jakes Sermons 2021 – Updated Daily

Powerful sermons from the founder of The Potter’s House Church – Dallas , Listen to Latest TD Jakes Sermons 2021 – Updated Daily – AUGUST 1 2021.

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Td Jakes Sermons 2021
Td Jakes Sermons 2021

Latest TD Jakes Preaching are mainly categorized into Inspiration , Motivation and Spiritual Sermons.

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The Curious Convergence of Thirst

There’s a lot of pomp and circumstance that pervades our world today, but, oh, when we thirst for God, we unlock His purest and most powerful pathway! – June 3rd 2021.


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➡️ Let there be LIGHT in everything that has to do with you.

➡️ Let there be LIGHT in your business.

➡️ Let there be LIGHT in your health.

➡️ Let there be LIGHT in your career.

➡️ Let there be LIGHT in your marital life.

➡️ Let there be LIGHT in everything you lay your hands on.

➡️ Let darkness be separated from your life.
In the mighty name of Jesus Christ!!!

Joseph’s Tears

I want to talk to the folks who say “sorry” when they’re not wrong, who get up and hug the person who’s walked over them, who can’t stand them in the morning, but fix them a plate to eat for dinner anyway!

I know you want to beat yourself up for having stubborn love, but that’s what gets you favor with God!

Remember your calling over what the culture says by rewatching my latest message,


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You will be the first in your family to forge a new way. Generational curses are on borrowed time until they hear YOUR name!

Now make your faith plain by claiming it today!

A special thank you to our wonderful hosts and musical guests for making our silver anniversary celebration a time we’ll never forget! Rewatch segments of it throughout the week at


A house divided against itself cannot stand. Nature itself should teach us that we cannot be one body and live divided.
Red fire ants, a species found in the tropical rain forest that live underground under the constant threat of being plunged into extinction by the deadly elements of nature know the value of sticking together. When their underground homes are flooded and they are forced into the wild open sea; they hold on to each other tightly; sometimes for months. This united effort creates a thrust that prevents them from sinking.

Ours is not a carnal association of convenience and interests. It is the unity of the faith.
In God’s grand design, every part of the body that performs a specific function is a lamp stand. When all lamp stands take charge of their primary territories and overwhelm them with the light from the throne of the Highest, what results is territorial takeover.

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