Listen To This Powerful &Quot;Sermon On The Power Of A Woman&Quot; Photo December 11, 2023

Listen to This Powerful “Sermon On The Power Of A Woman”

Are you still wondering what Women Can do and their powers? , Listen to This Powerful “Sermon On The Power Of A Woman” and learn more today.

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Sermon On The Power Of A Woman
Sermon On The Power Of A Woman

Summary: “Sermon On The Power Of A Woman”


Some people don’t know the true gospel of Jesus Christ because they have not heard it before. Sadly, most churches today have modified the word of God and church services to accommodate the needs of the people. When you preach, make them comfortable.

If you must keep them coming to church, then don’t preach about their sins. Just ignore them and tell them to come the way they are. The Bible says that at some point, men will be lovers of pleasures.

They will love their sports, they will love their movie, porn, gambling, sex and the pride of life. They will love God with their lips not from their hearts.

Most pastors are now motivational speakers, they have developed strategies to plant and grow churches, they have made research and consultations with organization on how to strategically grow their church members, remember more members means more money.

Please don’t get me wrong, some pastors really started well but with the pressures of life and ministry, they have compromised the gospel of the cross. Some church services are mini concerts with comedian and artist who after they finish performing in church on Sunday morning, they go to perform in the clubs at night. This is normal to us.

We read in the Bible how the disciples fasted and prayed waiting to get instructions from the Holy Spirit. The men of faith in the Bible waited on God for directions in everything. But today…may God help us.

Oh Lord, we don’t want to be comfortable with our sins, help us. Open our eyes to the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Teach us your ways and have mercy on us.