Selected Top 10 “Sermons On Walking With God” – Free List

You asked for it , now , here is the list of Selected Top 10 “Sermons On Walking With God” – , we pray that these messages will make you come closer to the creator of the earth.

Sermons On Walking With God
Sermons On Walking With God

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List Of  Top 10 Sermons On Walking With God:

GOD ALWAYS WINS – One Of The Most Powerful Sermons in 2019! ᴴᴰ

Dreams are prophecies looking for manifestation.. Pray against bad dreams as soon as you wake up. Change them through prayers. What ever you don’t do anything about will happen. Silence is equal to giving approval for them to happen whether you know it or not.

Listening To God – Dr. Charles Stanley

THE PRESENCE OF GOD | Apostle Joshua Selman Sermon

Apostle Joshua Selman speaks:

Everything you are praying for is already looking for you but not this version of you..
Creation is waiting for the manifestation of the sons…
Everything in life waits for you to grow to their realm before they can come. Every time they check and you have not reached that level of growth, they will go back and wait for you to grow to that level. There is a way you will grow that things in your level leave you and things in a higher level get attacted to you.

Animals came to the ark in the days of Noah not because he went looking for them one by one, but as soon as the ark grew and was finished, they where drawn to it. It is a law of the spirit. Grow!

Stop chasing things..
Focus on growth..
Seek knowledge.
And you will find rest.
You will know growth by the ease it brings.
When you struggle, stop and check your growth level..

The Speech That Moved This Entire Audience To Tears

THE BLESSINGS OF GOD | Apostle Joshua Selman Sermon | Koinonia Global

Apostle Joshua Selman speaks:

Men out of ignorance can partner with the devil to work against their own lives.

The kingdom is made up of systems and there are responsibilities..

Please listen to me,

It is not all up to God and it’s not all up to you. Meaning it’s a partnership. If anything will ever be done in this kingdom, and done in your life and destiny, there is going to be a point where you and God will play mutual roles.

God plays his part always..but if you don’t know that you have a part to also play, you may not know how to align yourself to receive from him.

If I stretch money towards you, you have a part to play by bringing your hand to receive it or else you may never get it. A man can stay for years waiting for something already released but doesn’t know how to receive it.

There is always a dimension in the kingdom where man must play his role and then there is God’s own part and I have found out that GOD IS EVER FAITHFUL..

The truth is that many times the problem is never from God’s end. The problem is either our not understanding what to do or refusing to do it even when we understand. Ignorance and disobedience are two great dangers as far as walking with God is concerned.

Always ask,
‘what must I do to bring these promises to reality in my life?’

Stop Comparing Yourself | Pastor Steven Furtick

Billy Graham – The Speech That Broke The Internet – Most Inspiring Ever


Glimpses of Jesus – Bishop T.D. Jakes

Trusting God | A Sermon by Tony Evans

Evang. Mike Bamiloye

If you lack the True Word of God in your mouth and you are only speaking “Abracadabra”, teaching philosophies and business studies, and psychological theories and Principles of physical success and human sociology, you will be stranded in ministry.

If all you sing as a music minister is other people’s songs rebranded, if all you have in your movies and drama is technicalities and professionalism and no Revelational drama message, YOU WILL BE STRANDED IN MINISTRY.

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