Short Powerful Sermons On Hebrews 4 – (Updated Daily)

Short Powerful Sermons On Hebrews 4 – (Updated Daily) , Hope this sermon on the Bible Page Hebrews 4 will make you smile , Sermon Notes and PDF Also available.

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Summary: Sermons On Hebrews 4

People all around us are wounded. They’re lonely, discouraged, they feel guilty. They don’t know how they’re going to make it. But when they see your scars, when they hear how God healed you, restored you, blessed you, that will breathe new life into their spirit. Are you hiding your scars, embarrassed by what you went through, bitter over who hurt you, ashamed of a mistake? God didn’t show you mercy just for your sake. Those scars are for somebody else. He turned it around because He knows He can trust you with scars.

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