3 Top Great Sermons For Adults To Work With God.

3 Top Great Sermons For Adults To Work With God , In this sermon , you as an Adult with understand some steps and Guide to work your way with God.

List Of Top 3 Top Great Sermons For Adults:

Hosting God; Mystery of the Ark || Apostle Joshua Selma

The scripture says, “When it’s in your power to do good, don’t withhold it from others.” That means when you know you can be a blessing—you have the resources to help that person in need, you can teach them the skills that you’ve learned—don’t put it off. When you help solve their problem, you’re not just being good to them, you are setting a miracle in motion. When you show favor, the scripture says favor will come to you.



PLEASE!! BE WISE IN LIFE | Apostle Joshua Selman


As you keep doing the right thing, you’re proving to God that He can trust you. We always want God to deliver us from the challenge, “I’m uncomfortable. I don’t like the opposition; these people aren’t treating me right.” But if you will say, “God, even if You don’t deliver me right now, I’m going to keep shining, keep praising, keep using my gifts, keep stretching, keep being my best.” Then, you’ll not only see God’s goodness along the way, but you’ll come into some explosive blessings, blessings that catapult you ahead. Where suddenly you’re promoted, suddenly you get well, suddenly you meet the right person, suddenly you’re thrust to a new level of your destiny.

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