Listen to Powerful “Robert Morris Sermons 2021” + Sermon Notes

Listen to Powerful “Robert Morris Sermons 2021” + Sermon Notes , The Outline , Free PDF Download and Audio MP3 Download of these sermons are available , use the comment section to request.

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Summary: “Robert Morris Sermons 2021”

People will try to talk you out of your miracle. They’ll tell you all the reasons it’s not going to happen, why you won’t get well, why you won’t accomplish your dreams, why you won’t meet the right person. Their problem is they don’t know what God put in you. They can’t hear what you hear.

In many of the miracles Jesus performed, He laid His hands on people and they were healed. But in this case, Jesus didn’t lay hands on the woman; the woman laid hands on Jesus.

Are you waiting for God to lay hands on you, so to speak? “God, I’m discouraged. These problems are so big. I don’t know why these people did me wrong.

God, whenever You’re ready, You can change things.” No. Why don’t you lay your hands on Him. Why don’t you release your faith. You can activate God’s power.

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