Christians !!! – 6 Qualities Of a Good Spouse – (2021 – 2022)

Christians !!! – 6 Qualities Of a Good Spouse – (2021 – 2022)

Qualities to look out for before choosing a spouse.

Marriage is serious business, it is a choice that will affect if you spend the rest of your life in pain or peace. You can’t just settle for anybody, there is a choice right for your life and destiny.

The best way to see marriage is how God views marriage. Ladies the bible tells us to “submit to our husbands”. Its not a choice but a law.. So therefore, while submitting to a man make sure that he has been vetted thoroughly by God.

Qualities Of A Good Spouse
Qualities Of A Good Spouse

Brothers, The bible tells you to “love your wife as Christ loves the Church” Therefore It is important to carefully look out for the type of woman you are to love for the rest of your life.

7 Qualities Of a Good Spouse:

Below are some qualities that you should consider in making your choice. However, The first step in finding the Right partner is by being the right person;


There is a difference between a person that goes to church and a person that knows God. Because when a person is in Christ, his nature is changed significantly, even when you try to do something bad, there is a restraint in your heart by the Holy spirit
* Being God fearing doesn’t only entails for one to belief in God, but also have respect for God, man and God’s principles.
*Being God fearing entails summiting to what the word of God says.
*Being God fearing doesn’t entails him being a pastor or how many hours he speaks in tongues but how well doesn’t he summits to the will of God.
*Being God fearing doesn’t entails that she must wear a big skirt that touches the ground, doesn’t wear makeup. But rather how well aligned is her heart to God.


How well do you both agree on certain things.
The bible says in Amos 3;3 “Can two walk together, except they be agreed?”
Compactibiblity boils down to knowing yourself, because its only when you know who you are and know where you are headed that you can take someone with you on the journey.
So spiritually are you compactible? Do you have contrasting beliefs?. The bible says “Do not be unequally yoked with an unbeliever, For what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteous “.
Everyone should marry who agrees with your values, marry someone from your spiritual tribe.


Marry your friend. I mean someone who you are comfortable when you are around him or are. Building friendship before marriage is very important.
Ndi “over serious relationship ” Una dey try… Like I personally can’t marry someone who I can’t laugh with, tell him how my day went, give him local news, foreign news and even international news and gists😂..
And when you are married, make your partner your best friend and deliberately stay best friends.

4. Who do they listen to?

Never marry someone who has no earthly authority that corrects him when he is found faulty.
Never marry some who has no one he listens to.
Anyone who is not receiving correction from anyone is already on their way to destruction.

5. Character

Is he Responsible? Is she sacrificial? Is she a virtuous woman? Is he a faithful man? Can you vouch for their personal integrity? If their ye, ye and their nay, nay? Are they trustworthy?
Responsibility is the willingness to grow and fulfill major dimensions of life.
Is he purpose driven?
Marriage doesn’t changes anyone’s character it rather reveals. A liar or cheater today shall be a liar or cheater tomorrow, worse of they might be an updated version.

6. Spiritual Synergy

Synergy is the coming together or union
The tips for these include ;
* Talk about the bible
* choose a day for fasting
*Study the bible together / have a study plan
* Discuss issues of faith
*Have prayer times together
Spiritual Synergy is important to have a proper foundation.
Marry someone who is hospitable, one who can inconvenience himself for the other.
Marry someone who respects you
Marry someone who beyond the butterflies he gives you in your belly, can also forgive you, hold your hands and stand by you.

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