150 Powerful Prayers For Protection Against Enemies and Evils

Check These 150 Powerful Prayers For Protection Against Enemies and Evils , May These Great Prayers Protect you from the Plans and Attack Of Evil Spirits and Their Powers In Jesus Name. Amen

Short Prayer For Protection

Father, beneath the shelter of Your wing. When life becomes tough and I’m at a loss for what to do, remind me that You are with me and that I am never alone. I can’t survive without You. I can’t face tomorrow until You vow to be there. Today, I choose to walk and live under Your protection, Most High. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Short Prayer For Protection
Short Prayer For Protection

Thank You For Your Security

Greetings, Father Thank You for keeping me safe. Thank You for the angels you’ve sent to keep an eye on me. Today, I can rest well knowing that my life is in Your hands. In the name of Jesus, Amen.Thank You For Your Security

Protective Prayer of ‘St. Patrick’s Breastplate’

The hymn version of St. Patrick’s Breastplate has multiple stanzas, but the last two are very memorable and powerful:Protective Prayer Of 'St. Patrick'S Breastplate'

Christ be with me, Christ inside me, Christ behind me, Christ in front of me, Christ alongside me, Christ to save me, Christ to soothe and restore me. Christ underneath me, Christ above me, Christ in peace, Christ in peril, Christ in the hearts of all who love me, Christ in the words of friend and stranger. By invocation, I tie unto myself the Name, the mighty Name of the Trinity. The Eternal Father, Spirit, and Word, Who are Three in One and One in Three, and Whom all nature has created: Praise be to the Lord of my salvation, for salvation comes from Christ the Lord.

Prayers For Protection
Prayers For Protection

Please protect me.

Grant, O Lord, Thy protection, and with it, strength, and with strength, understanding, and with understanding, knowledge, and with knowledge, the knowledge of justice, and with the knowledge of justice, the love of all existences, and with that love, the love of spirit and all creation. Amen.

Please Protect Me.
Please Protect Me.

Christ, be with me.

The cross of Christ be with me; the cross of Christ triumphs over all water and fire; the cross of Christ triumphs over all weapons; the cross of Christ is a wonderful symbol and blessing to my spirit. May Christ be with me and my body at all times, day and night. Now I pray, I [name], pray God the Father for the soul’s sake, and I pray God the Son for the Father’s sake, and I pray God the Holy Ghost for the Father’s and Son’s sake, and I pray God the Holy Ghost for the Father’s and Son’s sake, and I pray God the Holy Ghost for the Father’s and Son’s sake, and I pray God the Holy Ghost for the Father’s and Son’s sake, that the holy corpse of God may bless Amen.

Christ, Be With Me.
Christ, Be With Me.

Prayer for the Safety of the Family

Lord, I ask for Your emotional, physical, and spiritual protection for my children (grandkids). Keep evil at bay, and encourage them to rely on You as their refuge and strength. I hope that You would keep their brains safe from bad education and give them the wisdom to perceive truth. I hope that You would make them strong and fearless in the face of peril, knowing that You have triumphed and will one day rectify all injustice and wrong. As they live in the spiritual shelter You provide for them, assist them in finding rest in Your shadow. Inform them that Jesus is their only safe haven and that their home on Earth is just transitory.

Prayer For The Safety Of The Family
Prayer For The Safety Of The Family

A Prayer for Protection Against Spiritual Attacks

We know that if we weren’t making a difference for your kingdom, the enemy wouldn’t be fighting so hard against us. He wouldn’t be working so hard to stop us if he didn’t believe you still had so much good in store for us. Lord, remind us today that the war is yours, and anything we face may be defeated in one fell swoop by your strong hand. Please assist us in trusting you more, in order to avoid spending time spinning our wheels or battling in our own power.A Prayer For Protection Against Spiritual Attacks

Forgive us for the times we forgot to fix our gaze and hearts on you, for the days we failed to come to you first. Fill us with your Holy Spirit’s strength. Fill us with your knowledge and insight, so that we can recognize the enemy’s traps and resist his plans. Thank you for your frequent reminders that your presence will accompany us through anything we encounter, and that you will provide us with rest. Amen

The Divine Light Prayer for Daily Protection

The light of God surrounds us, the love of God enfolds us, the might of God defends us, the presence of God watches over us, God is wherever we are, and all is good where God is. St’s. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John As a symbol of Christ, like the prophet Jonas, who was guarded for three days and three nights in the belly of a whale, so shall the Almighty God, as a Father, guard and safeguard me from all harm. Amen.The Divine Light Prayer For Daily Protection

Prayer for Protection in Psalm 91

Whoever stays in the Most High’s protection will slumber in the Almighty’s shadow. “He is my shelter and my stronghold, my God, in whom I put my confidence,” I shall say of the LORD. He will undoubtedly deliver you from the fowler’s trap and the dreadful disease. He will cover you with his feathers, and you will find sanctuary under his wings; his constancy will be your shield and rampart. You will not be afraid of the dread of the night, the arrow that flies during the day, the disease that stalks in the dark, or the plague that destroys at midday.

Prayer For Protection In Psalm 91
Psalm 91

A thousand may die by your side, ten thousand may fall by your right hand, but it will not approach you. You will only be able to view the wicked’s punishment with your eyes. If you declare, “The LORD is my refuge,” and make the Most High your dwelling, no danger will come near your tent.

For he will instruct his angels to watch you in all your ways; they will pick you up in their hands so that you do not trip over a stone. You will go over the lion and the cobra, as well as the large lion and the serpent. “For he loves me,” declares the LORD, “I will rescue him; I will protect him, because he recognizes my name.” He will call on me, and I will respond; I will be with him in difficulty, delivering him and honoring him. I shall satisfy him and show him my salvation if I live a long time.”

Protection from Wrongdoing Prayer

In the name of the Trinity, I beseech you to be obedient like Jesus Christ, Who obeyed his heavenly Father even to the crucifixion, and to stand without moving out of my sight. I command you by the power of God and the incarnation of Jesus Christ not to leave my sight, just as Jesus Christ stood on the stormy banks of the Jordan to be baptized by John. Furthermore, I beseech you, horse and rider, to remain motionless and not move out of my sight, as Jesus Christ did when he was ready to be nailed to the cross in order to free the Church’s Fathers from the shackles of hell. Thieves, I tie you with the same bindings that Jesus Our Lord used to bind hell, and so ye shall be bound; the same Words that bind you will also release you.Protection From Wrongdoing Prayer

Prayer for the Safety of Children

Prayer For The Safety Of Children

Lord, I hope that my children (grandchildren) would have an everlasting viewpoint and purpose rather than a worldly one. Help them to see life – and every challenge – through Your eyes, eager and fearless to share the good news of Jesus with people wherever they go. I hope that they will focus on things above, rather than simply what is happening here, and that they would be anchored and established in Your love. I pray that they will come to grasp the depth of Your love for them – that it will outweigh all the information they will learn in school. I hope that they are filled with You from sunrise to night.

Strength and Protection Prayer

Lord God, almighty Father, you know that we are surrounded by so many and severe dangers that we cannot constantly stand firmly due to the fragility of our nature: Through your Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord, grant us such strength and protection to sustain us in any peril and carry us through all temptations. Amen.Strength And Protection Prayer

For Safe Travel Protection

God’s Angels will protect and keep you all the way till the earth’s days are done, when the blooms fade and time passes quickly, in moments of pure joy or agony and terror, God’s Angels will protect and keep you safe. Amen.

For Safe Travel Protection
For Safe Travel Protection

Keep Temptation at Bay

O Christ, Son of God, you fasted for forty days and permitted yourself to be tempted for our sake. Protect us so that no temptation may lead us wrong. Because man does not survive just on bread, fill our spirits with the heavenly sustenance of your Word; with your kindness, O our God, you are blessed and live and reign all things, now and forever. Amen.Keep Temptation At Bay

God’s Armor Prayer

Dear God, we put on full armor today to protect our life from attack. We put on the belt of truth to defend ourselves against deceit and falsehoods. We put on the breastplate of righteousness to guard our hearts from the temptations that we face. We’ve put the gospel of peace on our feet, and we’re ready to carry your light wherever you lead us today. We choose to be overpowered by dread and worried thoughts rather than live in the peace and freedom of your Spirit. We take up your shield of trust, which will extinguish all of the enemy’s darts and threats.God'S Armor Prayer

We believe in your ability to protect us and chose to put our faith in you. We put on the helmet of salvation, which protects our brains and ideas and reminds us that we are children of the day, pardoned, set free, and rescued by Christ Jesus’ love. We pick up the sword of the Spirit, your very Word, the one offensive weapon given to us for war, alive, active, and sharper than any double-edged sword.

We beg for your assistance in remembering to put on your complete armor every day, since you provide us with all we need to stand steadfast in this world. Forgive us, God, for being unprepared, too busy to care, or attempting to battle and grapple in our own power.

Thank you that we never fight alone, for you are always working on our behalf, sheltering, protecting, and strengthening us, exposing bad actions, bringing to light what needs to be known, and shielding us from the brutal attacks we endure even when we are ignorant. Amen, in the strong name of Jesus.

A Daily Protection Prayer

A Daily Protection Prayer
A Daily Protection Prayer

As I begin this day, Lord God, I pray for Your protection. You are my safe haven, and I can always find sanctuary under Your wings. Keep evil away from me and keep me safe everywhere I go. I shall look to You as my Protector, the One Who battles for me every day, no matter where I am. Your love and fidelity, as well as Your kindness and mercy, surround me on a daily basis, so I will not be afraid of anything may come against me. God, I put my confidence in You, and I thank You for Your kindness and protection. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

A Prayer for Your Husband’s Safety

Lord Jesus, I beseech You to safeguard and shield my spouse from harm. Make him strong in Your image, so that he can rely on You for guidance in every situation. Protect him with the power of Your name, and let nothing that is devised against him flourish. Hold him near to Your heart, his gaze fixed on You at all times. Keep his heart and mind clean at home, at work, and anywhere he goes. Lead him away from temptation and assist him in being aware of his adversary’s attempts to divert, mislead, or discourage him. Cancel all attempts to undermine my spouse or his redemption.A Prayer For Your Husband'S Safety

May Your right hand empower him on a daily basis, as You protect him with Your presence. As he strives to lead his family with honesty and respect, assist him in wearing his spiritual armor wisely. When obligations pile up on his shoulders, he seals up the exits that scream for help. Thank You for promising to bear his loads and ease his weight in life’s everyday fights. Lord, preserve his witness and keep his trust firmly planted in You. You are his sure defense, and the only one who can genuinely keep him safe. Thank you very much, Jesus.

A Prayer for the Safety of Your Children

Father, I place my children in Your loving hands. Because You are the most powerful influence in their lives, I beg You to keep Your continual presence and protection around them. You are more worried than I am as a parent because You adore children. You are concerned about their safety. Put Your Holy Spirit around them like a bubble, deflecting any evil that is intended at them. Protect kids from harm at school, whether it comes from the outside or the inside. Position Your angels in key locations, ready to act on their behalf. Let nothing bad come close them.

Give them firm confidence and trust in You that calms their concerns, knowing they will live in safety under Your sturdy protection. Protect them against temptation and those who would try to persuade them to compromise their beliefs. Let them call out to You, their Deliverer and Refuge, while they are in difficulty. May their security be found not in this world, but in their connection with You and their everlasting destiny. Make it clear to them on a regular basis that this world is not their last destination and that nothing and no one can ever separate them from Your love. Amen, in Jesus’ beautiful name.

A Protection Against Evil Prayer

Lord Jesus, evil is such a terrible term, yet Your Word regularly uses it to represent the polar opposite of good. While we are all capable of sin, I pray for Your protection from those who label good as evil and evil as good. Keep us safe from those who plot against righteousness and who distort truth into lies in order to achieve their wicked goals. May Your angels always be close by, eradicating fear and fighting against dark, spiritual forces we cannot see. Assist us in casting down every imagination and notion that our adversary seeks to employ to elevate itself against You.

When you died on the cross for us and were risen on the third day, you delivered our spiritual adversary a fatal blow on Calvary. While wickedness continues to roam, the power of Your name and blood rises to overcome and bring us triumph over every evil plotted against us. While malevolent deeds may distress us, we employ the God-given armor You have provided to stay steady. You will deliver justice for all the pain and unnecessary violence directed upon Your children in due time. Until then, we will stay in Your presence, committed to Your goals, and look to You as our Supreme Commander and Protector. Lord, help us to resist temptation and free us from wickedness. You are the Mighty One, the One Who will eventually expose all wickedness. We are secure with You, Jesus.

A Request for Protection Against Earthly Enemies

Precious Jesus, You understand what it’s like to be chased by earthly adversaries. And, because of Your compassion and understanding, You are aware of the harm we and our families experience on a daily basis. We will be labeled as enemies because we are Christians and Your disciples. Our children need to be protected against bullies, misguided avengers, and erroneous beliefs that undermine their spiritual heritage. Every day, devilish plans strive to captivate our children’s hearts and tempt them to engage in destructive behaviors. Lord, keep our loved ones close to our hearts and never let them leave.

Command Your angels, Lord, to keep us safe in whatever we do, so that no danger or calamity comes near our house or life. Our faith is not in our own abilities, but in Your steadiness as El Shaddai. Our weapons are spiritual, and we rely on You for victory. Show us when to speak out, when to listen, and when to act, always keeping in mind that You are fighting our battles for us and with us. Teach us to love our adversaries, to pray for them, and to fight evil in Your name. We are not afraid of those who may attempt to physically harm us. We have faith in our everlasting security. Our awe is a genuine, moral veneration for Who You are and Whom we have become in You. You, as Commander and Chief, will protect us from all worldly adversaries. And as long as You are with us, we have nothing to fear. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

A Workplace Protection Prayer

Lord, I pray for Your bodily and spiritual protection at the workplace, where our influence, priorities, and character are put to the test on a daily basis. Help us to remember that every stupid action has repercussions, and every thoughtless statement has weight among our coworkers. Others are watching, Lord, therefore keep a watch on our mouths and keep the door of our lips closed. Protect us against those who attempt to persuade us to change our minds or lure us to lower our standards in the name of achievement. Place an invisible flag above us to remind us of Your loving protection and that we are Yours.

Because our labor is vital to You, keep us from laziness or mistaken priorities. When people criticize us or there is a misunderstanding, we must resist the urge to get impatient or angry. Protect us from our own sinful nature and assist us to always follow the high path of compassion while dealing with irate customers or coworkers. Thank You for Your promise to never leave us or abandon us, and that Your Spirit dwells inside us to offer us insight, understanding, and security in the face of those who would drag us away or hurt us. You are Lord, and as our Employer, we turn to You to ensure that all advantages associated with that relationship are preserved. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

A Message of Hope for Good Health and Protection from Harm

Lord, we praise You because You are Jehovah Rapha, the Healer of all our ailments. Because our bodies are the temples of Your Spirit, we ask for protection from anything that may cause us bodily damage. Protect us against pressures that sap our emotional power and reduce our ability to fight illness. Heal us from previous traumas that may have an impact on our current or future health. Teach us how to control our bodies so that we can get stronger and have more stamina. When difficulties happen, we need not be afraid since You have given us a spirit of power, love, and sound mind.

You know us so well as the Great Physician. Even before we were born, you predestined every aspect of our bodies. As Your cherished creatures, please help us to treat our bodies with dignity. We want to serve You with greatness, so provide us strength and good health in our weakness so that nothing may derail Your plan for our life. Protect us from contagions and diseases that might infect the body and have disastrous consequences. As we wait on You and with You on a daily basis, grant us wisdom to make good use of the rest You offer. Lord, our lives and health are in Your hands, and we put our trust and faith in You. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

5 Psalms to Remind You That God Is Near5 Psalms To Remind You That God Is Near

23:4 (Psalm) – Even though I have to walk through the darkest valley, I will not be afraid because you are with me; your rod and your staff soothe me.


32:7 (Psalm) – You are my refuge; you will keep me safe and surround me with songs of rescue.


34:17 Psalm – The Lord hears the righteous when they cry out, and he relieves them from all their difficulties.


91:14 Psalm – “For he loves me,” the Lord declares, “I will rescue him; I will protect him, because he recognizes my name.”


145:18 Psalm – The Lord is near to all who call on him, to those who truly call on him.


God does not want us to live in terror. He is more concerned with our protection than we are, as our Great Protector. We may live fearlessly and confidently when we trust Him and His promises of safety and security, knowing He is in control and will bring good out of every event. Nothing escapes His notice, and nothing can take us out of the Father’s hands. When we pray and call on Him, He hears us and is ready to satisfy all of our needs. What a thrill and blessing it is to have such a personal contact with the One who knows our names. Resting in the arms of our loving heavenly Father is such a beautiful haven of safety.


These are prayers for deliverance from the dark market.Protection Prayer Points

1. In the name of Jesus, call out seven (7) times and say, “Save me, Lord, I shall be saved,” and “Heal me, Lord, I shall be cured.”

2. In the name of Jesus, break any chains that bind me in any dark market.

3. Break any chains that bind my head in the name of Jesus. (As you pray this prayer, place one hand on your head.)

The three prayer points (holy rage, violent that, and violent faith) are required.

4. Any authority that does not want me to instruct my children, what are you waiting for? Die in Jesus’ name.

5. In the name of Jesus, shatter the ancestral cages of my father’s and mother’s houses.

6. Anything placed in my life to sabotage good things, catch fire in Jesus’ name. (Make a match while you pray this prayer.)

7. In the name of Jesus, powers bearing my name in the world of darkness perish. (As you pray this prayer, clap your hands extremely forcefully.)

8. Powers sipping my favor’s blood, your time is up; perish in the name of Jesus.

9. In the name of Jesus, I ask that all wonderful things that I have lost since I was a child be restored to me.

10. O God of power, hear my plea and make me mighty in Jesus’ name.

11. O God, arise and grant me a witness that will shock the world in Jesus’ name.

12. In the name of Jesus, glory spoilers placed in my body, die. (As you pray this prayer, place one hand on your head.)

13. Mockery shattering anointing, come upon me now in Jesus’ name.


1. Mobile darkness chasing my destiny, crash in Jesus’ name.

2. In the name of Jesus, scatter the envelope of darkness that has been implanted against me.

3. I inherited darkness from my father’s home, darkness from my mother’s house, and I die in the name of Jesus.

4. In the name of Jesus, arrows of darkness shot towards my star, backfire.

5. In the name of Jesus, anoint my life with the anointing of Goshen.

6. In the name of Jesus, remove any darkness that is obstructing my brightness.

7. Weapon of darkness, I am not your candidate; I beg you to kill me in the name of Jesus.

8. Every overdue passenger on the car of my destiny, get out in the name of Jesus.

9. In the name of Jesus, I command you to conceal me somewhere I won’t get aid, to leave me alone, and to let me die.

10. Every coven that is working on my name, go insane and perish in the name of Jesus.

11. In the name of Jesus, let every entry point of evil elders into my life perish.

12. Hear the word of the Lord, my destiny: You shall not perish in the wilderness of darkness, in the name of Jesus.

13. Power to deconstruct darkness, rain upon my water in Jesus’ name.


1. O God, arise, enter my rivers, and stir the waters in Jesus’ name.

2. Every witchcraft linked to my ancestors must perish in the name of Jesus!

3. In the name of Jesus, die, messenger of disease in my body.

4. In the name of Jesus, die, thou power of leaky pockets.

5. In the name of Jesus, break the belly of demonic birds that are guarding my star!

6. Powers assigned to contribute my blood to the coven, please donate your own blood in Jesus’ name!

7. Every monster from the sea that is tormenting my destiny, arise, O God, and cut them to shreds in the name of Jesus!

8. Be squandered in the name of Jesus, every adversary travelling from shrine to shrine to report me!

9. Goliath’s powers, tasked with putting an end to my laughing, perish in the name of Jesus.

What are you waiting for, Goliath’s voices shouting against my destiny? In the name of Jesus, I die!

11. In the name of Jesus, the incantations of evil elders tasked with destroying my glory backfire!

12. Powers working hard to ruin my tomorrow, you are liars, perish in Jesus’ name!

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