Top 100+ Prayer For The Sick With Bible Verses and Quotes

Top 100+ Prayer For The Sick With Bible Verses and Quotes , May these following Prayer for healing , Bring Health and Restoration to the Sick Ones In Jesus Holy Name. Amen

A Healing Prayer for Sick Family or Friends

Lord Jesus, thank you for loving [name of person in need of healing]. I’m sure you despise what their illness is doing to them/me. In the name of Jesus, I beseech you to heal this disease, to be compassionate, and to bring healing from all sickness.

A Healing Prayer For Sick Family Or Friends
A Healing Prayer For Sick Family Or Friends

Psalm 107:19-20 says that when we call out to you, the Eternal One, you will give the order, heal, and rescue us from certain death. I’ve read about miraculous healing in the Bible, and I believe you still heal in the same way today. I believe there is no illness you cannot heal, and the Bible tells us that you can raise people from the dead, so I pray for your healing in this situation.

I also know from my earthly experience that not everyone is healed, so please keep my heart soft towards you, help me to understand your plan, and help me to be excited about heaven.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for being the source of our healing hope. If there are doctors or treatments that you would like to use to heal this disease, I ask that you direct [name of person in need of healing] to them. I pray for wisdom and judgment in deciding which treatments to pursue.

God, I thank you that [name of the person in need of healing] is yours and that you have complete authority over all that occurs from our first breath to our final gasp.


Prayer for the Relief of Pain and SufferingPrayer For The Relief Of Pain And Suffering

I pray for your healing in all areas of my life – physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. I beg you to strengthen and fortify me for the days ahead. I know you have a big plan for people who believe in your name.

Help me not to let my day’s diversions and problems wear me down to the point of fatigue. I know you want me to live my life abundantly and freely. And my deepest wish is to radiate your love and light to a world in urgent need of it.

Prayer For The Relief Of Pain And Suffering
Prayer For The Relief Of Pain And Suffering

I pray for your healing and grace to cover those I love who are facing cancer or a difficult diagnosis. I pray for your strength and wonderful calm to flood their life and remind them of your presence. Thank you for proving that nothing is impossible for you. Thank you for battling for us and for being greater than everything this world can hurl at us.

I completely rely on You, Lord, for You alone are capable. I adore you; I need you now and every day.

In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Health and Healing Prayers

You are the only source of health and healing, Almighty God.
There is tranquility in you, and you are the only genuine peace in the universe.
Give each of us, your children, the sense of your presence and complete trust in you.
Teach us to resign ourselves to your never-failing care in all our pain, tiredness, and concern, knowing that your love and power surround us, trusting in your wisdom and providence to give us health, strength, and serenity when the time is right; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Health And Healing Prayers
Health And Healing Prayers

Prayer for the Sick: Mental and Physical Well-Being

Almighty God, you know that we are surrounded by many grave threats that we cannot endure due to our human weakness.
Give us mental and physical health so that we who suffer as a result of sin may overcome and triumph in you; through your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen.

Prayer for the Healing of Someone Who Is HospitalizedPrayer For The Healing Of Someone Who Is Hospitalized

All health and healing, Gracious Father, are blessings from your hand. We pray for [Name], and ask that God provide his physicians and nurses wisdom and expertise as they try to heal him*.

While he waits and faces many unknowns, quiet any doubts and worries with the Word of your promise that nothing can separate us from your love in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:39).

If it is your will, hasten [Name’s] health and give him more patience as he waits for you to work all these things for his benefit (Romans 8:28); through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

A Sick Person’s PrayerA Sick Person'S Prayer

Lord, Father,

As You are the One, and we are Your slaves, we beseech You to heal and support “Name.” In Jesus’ name, destroy whatever disease that is, was, or will ever be in his/her body. We pray that You would then renew his/her mind, body, and spirit, giving him/her the power to perform in all areas of his/her life. “Name” will stand before You, Oh Lord, and he or she will pray and thank You with his or her voice.

Oh Lord, we praise Your marvelous acts, and in Jesus’ name, Amen.

A Brief Prayer for the Sick

We need Your divine intervention in our lives, Heavenly Lord. We need You to energize our bodies with Your holy presence, and we need Your arms to engulf our thoughts in order to relieve this suffering.

A Brief Prayer For The Sick
A Brief Prayer For The Sick

We will not crumble beneath the pressure, and when the sun rises again, our repaired body will be a symbol of Your might. Thank You, Your Holiness, for paying such close attention to our lives, and Amen.

Prayers for the Sick That Work

Prayers For The Sick That Work
Prayers For The Sick That Work

We come to You today, Father in Heaven, with our hearts burdened with anxiety for “Name.” He or she is ill, and we don’t want things to go worse. As a result, we pray that You attack the disease at its source and cleanse “Name’s” body of all residues with Your holy blood.

He/she will stand on his/her own two feet for the rest of his/her life, and he/she will never be harmed by any sickness in any form again.

Prayers For The Sick That Work
Prayers For The Sick That Work

We thank You for taking away the sickness and also for the protection You now supply. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

Prayer for a Sick Friend

Almighty Father, “Name” is unwell and I’m of the conviction that if I was in his/her situation, he/she will be alongside me and looking over. He/she has been among Your loyal, and we think this is only a test of faith.

Prayer For A Sick Friend
Prayer For A Sick Friend

As such, I pray that You keep an eye on him/her and provide a rapid recovery. Oh Lord, not one more instant will he/she waste in this position where he/she cannot delight in Your name. I thank You for answering my prayer, and I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.

The Sick Child’s Prayer

Father, we have a special prayer for You today. We pray for Your son/daughter today because of his/her illness as well as our anxiety. Lord, we want You to do a miracle for us as You did for.

The Sick Child'S Prayer
The Sick Child’S Prayer

This is our child, and his or her existence in our life is a gift from You. So, God, we ask that he/she become a living miracle of Your everlasting promise to us. We also pray that You protect Your kid and accompany him/her through all of life’s experiences. Thank You for the ability to pray, for answered prayers, and for your ever-present protection. Amen

Sick and Dying People’s Prayers

Today, Heavenly Father, we stand in Your grace and eternal mercy. We are only here today to pray because of Your strong will, and by Your grace, we come knocking with confidence that you will answer us.

Oh Lord, we beseech You to be with the ill and dying for all eternity in their place. Turn Your gaze away from their souls and take their hands in Yours, like a father would with his sons and daughters. God, in Your dwelling, nourish their spirits for all eternity and be with all of their life aspirations.

Sick And Dying People'S Prayers
Sick And Dying People’S Prayers

We thank You for protecting them in this life and for continuing to do so in the next. Thank You for hearing our prayer – Amen.

Quotes about Prayer for the Sick

“Prayer is an act of love; no words are required.” Even if illness diverts one’s attention away from thinking, all that is required is the desire to love.” – Mother Teresa of Avila

Quotes About Prayer For The Sick
Quotes About Prayer For The Sick

“I know there will be disease, disaster, disappointments, and grief in life — it’s a given.” What isn’t certain is how you’ll get through it all. You can always find the bright side if you try hard enough.” Rashida Jones


“God is the only divine creature who also works as a doctor.” – J. Isaac


“We are Heavenly Father’s spirit offspring.” Before we were born into this world, He loved us and instructed us. He stated that He desired to give us everything He possessed. To be eligible for that gift, we had to be given mortal bodies and tested. We would experience pain, disease, and death as a result of their mortal bodies” – Henry B. Eyring (Everything is a test)

Bible Verses for Sick People

Bible Verses For Sick People
Bible Verses For Sick People

1. “Fear not, for I am with you; be not frightened, for I am your God.” I will aid you and strengthen you; I will sustain you with my righteous right hand.” – Isa. 41:10

2. “However, I will restore your health and heal your wounds,” says the LORD.” 30:17 – Jeremiah

3. “You brought me back to health and allowed me to survive.” I’m sure it was all for my advantage that I was in such pain. “In your kindness, you have saved me from the pit of destruction; you have hidden all my sins behind your back” – Isaiah 38:16-17

4. “However, I will bring it health and wholeness; I will cure my people and provide them with bountiful peace and security.” 33:6 – Jeremiah

5. “Dear buddy, I wish for your good health and that everything goes well with you, even as your soul is doing well.” – 3 John 2:1

Prayer for the Healing of the Sick

Dear Lord of Mercy and Comforter,

You are the one I turn to for assistance in times of weakness and need. I request that you remain with your servant throughout his sickness. According to Psalm 107:20, you send out your Word and heal. So, please deliver your healing message to your worker. Drive away every weakness and illness from his body in the name of Jesus.

Prayer For The Healing Of The Sick
Prayer For The Healing Of The Sick

Thank you, Lord. I implore you to transform your weakness into strength, your suffering into compassion, your sadness into pleasure, and your anguish into consolation for others. Even in the midst of his suffering, may your servant have confidence in your kindness and hope in your constancy. As he waits for your healing touch, bless him with patience and delight in your presence.

Dear Father, please return your servant to full health. By the power of your Holy Spirit, remove all fear and uncertainty from his heart, and may you, Lord, be exalted through his life.

Lord, may he bless and glorify you as you heal and rejuvenate your servant.

I pray in the name of Jesus Christ for all of this.


Prayer for a Friend Who Is Sick

Thank you, Lord.

You are far more familiar with [name of friend or family member] than I am. You are aware of his/her illness and the hardship he bears. You are also familiar with his heart. Lord, I request that you be with my buddy right now as you work in his life.

Lord, may your will be done in the life of my buddy. If he has a sin that needs to be acknowledged and forgiven, please assist him in seeing the need and confessing.

Prayer For A Friend Who Is Sick
Prayer For A Friend Who Is Sick

Lord, I pray for my friend’s healing, exactly as your Word instructs me. I know you hear my heartfelt prayer and that it is strong because of your promise. I believe in you, Lord, to cure my buddy, but I also believe in your plan for his life.

I don’t always comprehend your ways, Lord. I’m not sure why my buddy needs to suffer, but I believe in you. I beg you to have pity and grace for my friend. In this time of sorrow, nourish his heart and soul and comfort him with your presence.

Please let my buddy know you are thinking of him at this tough time. Give him courage. And may you be honored in both his and my lives as a result of this adversity.


Spiritual Salvation

Spiritual Salvation
Spiritual Salvation

Spiritual healing is even more important than physical healing for people. Spiritual healing occurs when we are “born again” by accepting God’s pardon and gaining redemption via Jesus Christ. Here are some spiritual healing passages to add in your prayers:

LORD, heal me, and I will be healed; save me, and I will be saved, because you are the one I praise. NIV (Jeremiah 17:14)

But he was pierced for our trespasses, crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and we are healed because of his wounds. (NIV, Isaiah 53:5)

I will forgive their misbehavior and freely love them, for my wrath has turned away from them. NIV (Hosea 14:4)

Emotional Recovery

Emotional healing, or soul healing, is another sort of healing that we might pray for. Emotional traumas are unavoidable because we live in a broken world with imperfect people. However, God provides healing for such scars:

Emotional Recovery
Emotional Recovery

He patches up the wounds of the brokenhearted. (NIV, Psalm 147:3)

Prayer for a sick child’s recovery (a parent’s prayer)

Abba Father, Come and keep an eye on my lovely kid, wrapping them in your power and protection. Come and offer healing and restoration, renewing this wonderful one whom I adore. Come and comfort and keep them, keep their hearts secure and fill them with serenity. Come and live among us, sweet Lord, and live with us. You are both our refuge and our living hope. Amen.

Prayers for a hospitalized youngsterPrayers For A Hospitalized Youngster

Jesus, You’re on our side. We know you’re there, even though you can’t be seen. Jesus, you love us more than we can express, and you feel every tear we shed. We trust you, Jesus, to hold our hands until we are healed and healthy. You vow to comfort and care for us until we are laughing and playing again, Jesus. Thank you very much, Jesus. Amen.

A child’s well-being prayer

A Child'S Well-Being Prayer
A Child’S Well-Being Prayer

Oh, Lord, Come carry them, protect them through everything, and touch this lovely one with your healing wings. Fill their hearts with joy, and surround them with teddies, books, and toys to make them happy. Come encircle them in safety, with hugs, love, and care. Keep an eye on them when they’re sleeping and accompany them everywhere they go. Restore his/her small body so that he/she may leap and dance again. Most importantly, Lord, be my children’s best friend. Amen.

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