Top 70+ Prayer For The Dead 2022 With Bible Verses

Below is the selected list of Top 70+ Prayer For The Dead 2022 With Bible Verses , Note that These Prayer are for the Souls Of the Departed Ones , While Praying , Kindly mention their names.

A Prayer for the Dead

Please hear my prayer for the deceased, Heavenly Father, and fill these souls with your abundant love as they enter your heavenly realm. Assist the families and loved ones who have been left behind in understanding that you have a plan for everyone. Assist them in finding peace through their time of grieving and in knowing that you are always there for them in their time of need, no matter what. Amen.

A Prayer For The Dead
A Prayer For The Dead

A Soul-Searching Prayer

Thank you, God. I respectfully request that you hear my prayer for the soul of a loved one. Please allow them to into your celestial circle of hosts. Forgive any sins that are weighing on their souls and let them to bask in the light of your grace and kindness so that they might live eternally with you in paradise. Amen.


Prayer for the Soul’s Eternal Rest

We thank You, Lord, for our brother/death. sister’s We extol Your name because of the exemplary life he/she led. We beseech you, Lord, to grant him or her eternal life. And while he or she is in Your garden, let Your angels touch what he or she will never be able to touch again. Be with his/her soul, Father, and may he/she slumber in perfect eternal peace. Amen

Prayer For The Soul'S Eternal Rest
Prayer For The Soul’S Eternal Rest

A Brief Prayer for the Dead

Give him eternal peace, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May his soul rest in peace. In Jesus’ name, always love. Amen

A Brief Prayer For The Dead
A Brief Prayer For The Dead

Dying People’s Prayer

Oh Lord, You are the ADONAI, the one and only God. You created the earth and the oceans and have total control over life and death. We live and die because of Your will, and we pray for this dying soul. If it is Your will for him/her to remain in this world today, we rejoice in the miracle You have given us to see. However, if You require Your darling son/daughter to accompany You, we pray that You welcome him/her into Your rich bosom, where he/she will enjoy for all eternity. Oh Lord, we raise Your honor and magnify Your works in our life. Amen.

Bible Verse for Peace of the Soul

“Come to me, all you who are tired and burdened, and I will refresh you.” Take up my yoke and learn from me; I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. “Because my yoke is light and my burden is light.”

Matt. 11:28-30

Prayer for the Bereaved

Lord God above, we, Your lowly children, prostrate in reverence before you today. We know You’re the best, the king of all kings. So, Lord, we beseech You to raise our hearts and souls so that we may put aside our sorrows. Give us the courage to overcome this adversity. No one dies without Your permission, therefore we celebrate in this victory and ask that You be with our dead brother/sister. We thank you for answering our prayer, and in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer For The Bereaved
Prayer For The Bereaved

Prayer for a Loved One’s Death

May the light of Jesus and the Angels bring my father peace and salvation. May he rest in peace, knowing that his soul is GOD’S and GOD’S alone. No demon, devil, principality, or bad spirit can come into contact with his light and redemption. Everything is well with us, DAD. Go home and rest. We adore you, and we hope to see you in HEAVEN one day!

Prayer for the Soul of a Departed Person

Blessed be and have mercy on his eternal soul; pardon his trespasses; grant him peace because he was a faithful man who loved his fellow man; bless his departed soul and welcome him into the joy of everlasting brightness in heaven; through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

Prayer For The Soul Of A Departed Person
Prayer For The Soul Of A Departed Person

Prayer for a Wife, Mother, or Grandmother Who Has Passed

I commend you to Almighty God, my lovely wife, mother, and grandma, and entrust you to your creator. May you find peace in the arms of the Lord, who created you from the dust of the earth.

Please keep an eye on our family during these trying times.

May Holy Mary, the angels, and all the saints greet you now that you’ve passed from this world. May the Lord Jesus Christ, who was crucified for you, offer you freedom and peace. May Christ, who died for you, welcome you into his paradise garden. May Christ, the Good Shepherd, accept you as a member of his flock. May he pardon all of your faults and include you among those he has chosen.


Bible Verses for a Child’s Death

But Jesus responded, “Let the small children come to me, and do not impede them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such.”

19:14 Matthew

Christian Intercession for the Dead

Our family begs You, almighty Father, to have pity on the soul of our brother and friend. We hope that with his untimely demise, his spirit finds peace in knowing that he had a wonderful life and tried his best to serve his family, workplace, and loved ones while he was on earth. We also genuinely beg forgiveness for all of his crimes and inadequacies. May he take comfort in knowing that his family will stay strong and consistent in serving the Lord as he continues on his path to everlasting life with Christ, his Lord and Savior. Dear Father, accept His spirit into Your kingdom and grant him eternal light; may he rest in peace. Amen.

Christian Intercession For The Dead
Christian Intercession For The Dead

Revelation 14:13: And I heard a voice from heaven say, “Write this: From now on, blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.” “Blessed indeed,” the Spirit adds, “that they may rest from their labors, because their actions will follow them!”

Prayer for a Mother/Soul Father’s

Greetings, Father I thank You for looking after my father and mum throughout their time on Earth. I thank You for allowing them to bring me into this world, and I also thank You for allowing me to pray to You. I am grateful for the life he/she led and the good things he/she performed while living. Lord God, I pray for the soul of my departed mother/father and ask that You protect him/her on his/her journey to Your holy Kingdom. Oh Lord, I thank you for hearing my prayers, Amen.

A Dead Brother/Prayer Sister’s Prayer

My brother/sister has been with me through all of life’s ups and downs, as far as I can remember. We ate and played together, shared counsel, and kept no secrets from one another. Now that he or she has passed away, I hope that he or she finds everlasting life and eternal pleasure in Your mighty arms. I beseech You, Lord, to keep an eye on his/her wife/husband/children/investments on Earth and not to move Your focus. I thank You for this prayer session and pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Prayer for the Soul of the Departed (s)

As stated in 1 John 5:15, You are the omniscient God who we know hears all petitions. As a result, we pray for the soul(s) of our departed brother(s)/sister(s), that You, Lord, may nurture and care for him/her/them in Heaven. You urge us to ask and that it would be given to us, so we did, and we know our wish was granted. We thank You for providing for the departed while he or she was alive, as well as for sheltering us—and for being present in this prayer. Amen.

Prayer For The Soul Of The Departed (S)
Prayer For The Soul Of The Departed (S)

More Death-Related Bible Verses

“Because the children had flesh and blood, [Jesus] also shared in their humanity, so that through his death he would break the authority of him who controls the power of death–that is, the devil– and release those who had been kept in servitude throughout their lives by their fear of death.” (Genesis 2:14-15)

“Brothers and sisters, we do not want you to be unaware of those who lie in death, so that you do not cry like the rest of humanity, who have no hope.” Because we believe that Jesus died and rose again, we trust that God will bring those who have fallen asleep in him with him.” (1 Thess. 4:13-14)

“Not only that, but we who have the firstfruits of the Spirit groan inwardly as we anxiously await our adoption as sons, the redemption of our bodies.” (Rom. 8:23)

Quotes About the Souls of the Departed

“We want to get to God’s kingdom, but we don’t want to go through death.” Despite this, Necessity stands there saying, ‘This way, please.’ Do not be afraid to travel this path, man, since it is the way God came to you.” (From St. Augustine)


“Death is nothing more than going from one chamber to the next.” But there is a distinction for me. Because I’ll be able to see in the other room.” (Helen Keller) Formalized paraphrase


“When the time comes for you to die, don’t be scared; death cannot separate you from God’s love.” Spurgeon, Charles H.

Prayer of Rejoicing in Your Kingdom

It’s heartbreaking, Almighty and Everlasting God, to abruptly lose someone you care about. We beseech you, holy Father, to grant us the peace that beyond all understanding during this season of sadness. Father, we rest in the knowledge that your devoted servant is joyful in your kingdom. We thank you and praise your name for loving them so deeply that you saw fit to return us to our rightful place. I pray in Jesus’ holy name. Amen.

Prayer Of Rejoicing In Your Kingdom
Prayer Of Rejoicing In Your Kingdom

Prayer for Eternal Rest

Compassionate and kind God, we come to you today to thank you for allowing us to live with our loved ones who have lately left this world to be with you. We know they were not faultless, Lord God Almighty, yet they loved you with all their hearts and really repented for their misdeeds. In your presence, may they discover love and tranquility. Do not let our loved one be separated from you; instead, let your dedicated servant to bask in your splendor forever. I trust and pray in Jesus’ strong name. Amen.

Prayer For Eternal Rest
Prayer For Eternal Rest

Prayer for the Joy of Seeing Them Again

Heavenly Father, we are having a really difficult time as a family. Our bereaved relative’s untimely death has left us in shock and sadness. But, Father, the Bible tells us that we should not weep as unbelievers. Lord, our beloved has been your devoted servant, and as a result, our hearts are full of hope and pleasure, knowing that we will be reunited with them when Jesus returns or when we return home. We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Prayer For The Joy Of Seeing Them Again
Prayer For The Joy Of Seeing Them Again

Prayer for Those Near You

As a believer in Christ, Father of Enduring Faithfulness, being away from the body is to be with you. I know that my loved one is enjoying your company in paradise right now. Though it is tough to believe that they are no longer among us, I know you love them and that is why you took them. May they bask in your splendor, Jesus, as we all wait for you to return and take us all into your presence, where there is no sadness or sorrow. I pray this with faith and confidence. Amen.

Fill in the Blanks Prayer

Times and seasons are in your capable hands, Jesus, my Savior. You know when we’ll be born and when we’ll depart this world and return home. You were aware that our loved one would not be present with us today. We’d want to thank you for the time we spent with them. Lord, we ask that you grant us a great feeling of calm during this time of sadness. We understand that no one can ever take our loved one’s place, which is why we are asking you to replace the void that our loved one has left in our lives with your love. May we find solace only in you. In the name of Jesus, Amen. Amen.

Fill In The Blanks Prayer
Fill In The Blanks Prayer

Recognizing Prayer

Why, Lord, my Creator and Sustainer, did it have to be this way? Why did it have to be our dearest? Lord, I’m so empty on the inside. Dear God, I don’t know how to face each day. Please, Father, take away the pain that is building up in my heart. Replace it with your unwavering love. Help my family and me comprehend that you have brought our beloved into your presence because of your tremendous love for them. I believe and pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

The Battle Isn’t Over Prayer

Our Lord of Victory, we pray that our loved one who has passed away may rest in peace. We are grateful that she did not lose her struggle, and that she is now with you in Paradise. Her heart was set on spending eternity with you. Death has been consumed by triumph. We praise you, God, for giving us victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. We remain firm and immovable as we embrace this solid hope, knowing that our efforts are not in vain. Amen.

The Battle Isn'T Over Prayer
The Battle Isn’T Over Prayer

Gratitude for Their Soul Prayer

Jesus, the righteous Savior, I entrust the soul of a relative who passed away a few days ago to your care. I’d want to thank you for bringing them into our lives here on Earth. I thank you for gifting us with such a beautiful individual; they have been a blessing to us. We are glad that you saw fit to relieve their suffering by welcome them into heaven, where there is no weeping or sadness. We may rest in the knowledge that their soul is now with you, Lord Jesus. This is what we pray, trusting and believing. Amen.

Gratitude For Their Soul Prayer
Gratitude For Their Soul Prayer

Persist in Your Prayer

Father, Lover of our Souls, while we mourn the loss of a loved one, we are happy that he left this life gently. Now we beg you to welcome him into your presence so that he may live with you forever. Raise him on that final day, for his hope was in your name. He did not place his faith in vain. We praise you for raising Christ from the grave as the first fruits of those who have fallen asleep. Amen.

Prayer of Compassion

God of Unfathomable Mercy, we come to you today with confidence because we know that death has no power over those who trust in you. Have compassion on our family who have lately passed away. Show them mercy since they sinned in some manner before their untimely death. We may have questioned and said things that irritated you. Lord, grant us compassion and assist us in accepting what has occurred so that we may recover. We pray in Jesus’ holy name. Amen.

The Comfort Prayer Anointing

Precious Savior, may our departed loved one be accepted into your glory. We thank you for the anointing of consolation you bestow upon us, for there is forgiveness of sins and hope for eternity with you. There is an abundance of loving kindness and redemption with you. We are relieved to know she was at peace with you. We thank you for the promise that in Christ, everyone shall be made alive. We thank you, Jesus, for crushing the adversary of death beneath your feet. Amen.

Prayer for Strength

Prayer For Strength
Prayer For Strength

We are in shock and anguish, God of Heaven’s Armies. We don’t know how we’re going to get through this, Lord. Lord, our loved one has abandoned us in the most unexpected way. While we understand that we are only here for a short time, Lord, it is difficult to accept what has occurred. We need supernatural power in our family, Lord. Fill our hearts with courage and assist us in accepting that our loved one has gone to be with you. Let the thought of them joining you in paradise bring us peace and strength. We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Prayer for the Hope Set Before Us

Even though we are very saddened by the loss of a loved one, God of compassion has blessed us and filled us with hope. We thank you for the fact that there is no condemnation for those who put their faith in Christ Jesus. Even if his physical body is no longer living, his spirit is. May he find peace in your presence. Thank you for the righteousness acquired by your son, Jesus, on the cross. We are fortunate to have this hope placed before us. Amen.

Prayer of Thankfulness for Their Life

Prayer Of Thankfulness For Their Life
Prayer Of Thankfulness For Their Life

Father in Heaven, Even while I mourn the death of a loved one, I come to you with a thankful heart. It’s a defeat for us, but it’s a win for your land. Lord, I thank you for the opportunities you provided for us to spend time with our relatives. Thank you for bringing them into this family. I thank you for rewarding us with such an outstanding person who loved us with Christ’s love and was a light in the world. Even as our loved one stands in your presence now, may your name be glorified eternally. We believe and pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Prayer to Live Forever with You

Lord of infinite kindness, accept our loved one into the eternal life that is your children’s destiny. She confessed your death and resurrection with her mouth and her heart. She turned to you, believing in your forgiveness for her faults. May she now live eternally with you. We praise you for annihilating death as the final foe. We thank you because, despite the fact that she has left this mortal body, she will be resurrected imperishable. Amen.

Mercy Wins Prayer

O Jesus, our Kinsmen Redeemer, have compassion on our loved one who has just passed away. We feel his heart was ready to receive you. We thank you that when we place our confidence in Christ, your kindness wins over your judgment. Keep our loved ones beneath your loving wing till the day comes when you will return in the clouds. We look forward to the day when the dead in Christ will be revived with incorruptible bodies to spend forever in Christ’s presence. Amen.

Prayer of Faith in Jesus

We dedicate this precious one to you, Eternal Father, powerful to save. Consolate her family as they reflect over their lives with her. We are grateful that she placed her trust in Jesus, who has the power to protect us from drifting away. May your angels now joyfully transport her into your magnificent presence. May she come before you pure, cleansed by the blood of the Lamb. “Well done, good and faithful servant,” may she hear. Amen.

Prayer Of Faith In Jesus
Prayer Of Faith In Jesus

Prayer in Person

Lord of consolation, we thank you for the peace of mind that comes from knowing our departed loved one is with you. Although our hearts desire for him to be with us, we know he is overjoyed in your wonderful presence. We know that the same one who resurrected Christ Jesus from the grave will raise us as well – pure, spotless, and faultless. We thank you for delivering our loved one from the grips of death and into eternal life because he placed his confidence in you. Amen.

Prayer for Your Life-Giving Light

We come to you in supplication for our dearly gone loved one, Blessed Lord. Please have pity on her soul. We rejoice that she believed in your name and proclaimed you as Savior despite our pain. We rejoice in the fact that those who die in the Lord shall live. Their bodies will reappear. Those who have been sleeping in the dirt will awaken and sing for gladness. For your life-giving light will fall on your people in the place of the dead like dew. Amen.

Prayer for Being Surrounded by Your Angels

Ever-faithful Father, we beseech you on behalf of our beloved, whose terminal sickness has now ended. We beg for mercy, that he may move from this world to the next escorted by your angels. We beseech you, Lord, to wipe away the tears from his face and to enfold him in your embrace. May he awaken to eternal life. You have surely delivered him from the power of the tomb and redeemed him from death. We thank you because you are the resurrection and the life. Amen.

Prayer for the Valley of the Shadows

We pray to Jesus, our Good Shepherd, for our good friend who has now walked through the valley of the shadow of death. Accept her into your arms, and may she rest in peace. We thank you, Jesus, for being the way, the truth, and the life. You will not lose any of those who have been entrusted to you, but will raise them up on the final day, because this is the desire of the Father who sent you. Amen.

Prayer for Christ Who Is Hiding

O Lord of Life, we offer the spirit of our dearly departed one to you. For he has died, and his life is now hidden in God with Christ. We thank you for raising him in Christ, who sits at your right side in the upper regions. We are grateful that when Christ arrives, our loved one will also appear in glory with him. Nonetheless, we mourn for our loved one and wish he were here with us. In our grief, may your serenity reign in our hearts. Amen.

Sorrow is Overshadowed by Joy Prayer

Our dear one has left this life, O God of everlasting comfort; welcome her soul, and may she rest in peace. Cloth her mortality in eternity, as you solemnly promised. We find solace in the fact that she died in Christ. We shall be reunited in our glorified bodies to rule with you in glory. Our grief is overshadowed by delight at the bright future that awaits us as your children and heirs. We eagerly await our permanent home in paradise. Amen.

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