Powerful “Sermon On Woman Of Strength” – Listen

In this world of Physical Real , a Woman Of Strength is Quite powerful and Great , Listen to this Sermon On Woman Of Strength and get the PDF Free Download.

Sermon On Woman Of Strength
Sermon On Woman Of Strength

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Summary On “Sermon On Woman Of Strength”

Dr. Daniel Olukoya

There is no such thing as partial sin, partial holiness, partial righteousness, part-time/partial Christian, partial lie, partial truth. A vessel is never partially clean. It is either clean or dirty.

A line is either straight or crooked. You are either a Christian or a sinner, a disciple or a church-goer, in or out. You are either for Christ or against Him even if you go to church.

You cannot have the fruit of sin in your life and expect to be a disciple of Christ. I want you to understand this very well.

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