Powerful “Sermon On Obedience To God” 2021

Powerful “Sermon On Obedience To God” 2021 , Want to learn how to Obey God , i guess that this sermon will not be a bad deal , check it out and share.

This Sermon On Obedience To God was preached by Joel Osteen the senior pastor of Lakewood Church.

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Summary On “Sermon On Obedience To God”


Satan is your number one enemy. Why did God refused to for the devil?
Why did God forgive David and rejected Saul? Why did Jesus forgive Peter and didn’t forgive Judas?

Some people are wicked. They sit down to plan evil. I have seen a man planning to break the heart of his partner while he is still with her. People who plan evil are dead.

If you can repent from your wrong, God will forgive you. David and Peter repented and turned back to God. The devil is proud and he cannot repent and he has no love.

Don’t be a dead person, run to God and He will receive you and show you mercy. Call on Him now.

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