Top 10 Dr. Paul Enenche Quotes That Will Change Your Mind

Top 10 Dr. Paul Enenche Quotes That Will Change Your Mind , 10 GREAT QUOTES THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR MENTALITY.
(By Dr. Paul Enenche)Dr. Paul Enenche Quotes

List Of Top 10 Dr. Paul Enenche Quotes:

✍🏾1. “God doesn’t involve Himself in a mission He has not commissioned.”
✍🏾2. “Every believer must understand that their office is their parish, their table is their pulpit and their work is their ministry.”
✍🏾3. “When a man has the future in mind, he operates with wisdom in the present.”
✍🏾4. “You cannot attract what you attack.”
✍🏾5. “Any adventure without advice will puncture.”
✍🏾6. “When a person’s rate of regret begins to reduce, then the rate of progress begins to increase.”
✍🏾7. If you cannot master yourself, you cannot master your world. To conquer anything in this world, you must first conquer yourself.”
✍🏾8. “God lifts people when they are small in their own eyes and He leaves people when they become big in their own eyes.”
✍🏾9. “Behind some smiling faces are some frowning issues.”
✍🏾10. “When your life is tensed up, it is fenced up.”


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