Biography Of Pastor Chingtok Ishaku – Wife , Family and Children

Biography Of Pastor Chingtok Ishaku – Wife , Family and Children , Note that this is a birthday message shared by Olufukeji Ejimi Adegbeye , Read below and stay blessed.

Pastor Chingtok Ishaku
Pastor Chingtok Ishaku

Happy birthday Pastor Chingtok Ishaku!

A man who took a risk and gave me my first major TShirt contract in my university days that kickstarted my finances.

A man who taught me the mystery of worship as an undergraduate.Pastor Chingtok Ishaku Biography

A man whose marriage and ministry inspires me to see that you can love & serve God in ministry and still be a great husband and father.

A man who has sacrificially raised & nurtured so many people in the Word, turning them from ordinary youngsters into dependable men, women and families today.Pastor Chingtok Ishaku Wedding

A man who has used his platform to unite Gospel ministers & minstrels in the North & the South and put Northern worship ministry on the international map.Profile Pastor Chingtok Ishaku

A man who is so passionate for Nigeria and desires that God’s will for this nation comes to pass.

A man who is quick to reveal both his divine side and his human side with sincerity and simplicity, from your laughter, to your teaching depth, to your warmth, to your group selfie photos…the gifts you give are endless.

Pastor Chingtok Ishaku Wife
Pastor Chingtok Ishaku Wife

Pastor sir, I celebrate your consistency & your accessibility through the years sir even as your success and impact has grown exponentially.Pastor Chingtok Ishaku Family

Thank you for still making Christ the focus.

Thank you for all you do for the Body.Pastor Chingtok Ishaku Children

PS: Thank you for joining Hope Ejimi and I in marriage many years ago. I have seen your prayers and the grace at work in your marriage come through in my marriage and I pray to be the kind of husband & father that you are when I grow up sir.Pastor Chingtok Ishaku Family Photo

Hopie, Sabre, Jaael and I wish you Pastor Chingtok Ishaku aka Daddo a happy birthday!

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