Miracles Of Apostle Joshua Selman (Life Story)

Miracles Of Apostle Joshua Selman (Life Story) , I WAS DIAGNOSED OF A TERRIBLE INFECTION , Read below and share with your loved ones.

One time I was diagnosed of a terrible fungal infection that almost ate my head completely.Miracles Of Apostle Joshua Selman

Hair was never supposed to grow on my head as you see today. The infection literally ate my hair. I was a young then in secondary school and because of my situation the student complained that I was irritating them.

They stop me from going to the dinner hall, they ban me completely so everytime others where going to go and eat they will keep me back and I will have to go and beg someone.

I will have to beg them not to forget to get food for me, and I don’t know it was a PROCESS.

Hear me behind every glory there is a story. It was that experience that started bringing me to knowing the holy spirit because I didn’t have a friend and nobody want to be my friend because nobody what trouble on his head.

Then I said, since men rejected me, Spirit of the living God will you also reject me. Then the spirit of God started leading me to pray and today my intimacy with the Holy Spirit has bring alot of blessing to many Nations.

No matter how early I came for the assembly I have a place at the back.

My mother came to visits me one day and then she began to cry. She said God what did I do that my son has this condition.

Then I remember my mother will use Iron sponch on my head to scrup my head.

They took me to a lab to check my head and took the sample then created some drug and some lotion for me.

The student ran away from me. I will never forget the night when there is no water and I will have to put my head in the rain outside so that it will soak my hair and put the particular soap on it.

But I stand on the God Of heaven to tell you the truth, the day the lord will heal me we went for wedding and I forgot my soap. I knew I was in for trouble and I slept that night.
And that night I begin to have a very strange encounter and I woke up my the morning, over 70% of the wound has disappeared supernatural.


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