Top 12 Facts On “Leaving Church Because Of Pastor” – Open Letter.

Top 12 Facts On “Leaving Church Because Of Pastor” – Open Letter. , are you going to leave the House Of God because of a Preacher , below is an Open Letter From a Man of God, Read below.Leaving Church Because Of Pastor


Dear Association Of Former Church Members,

It is your right to move from one church to another. Whether your reason for moving is accepted or not, the fact still remains the same, it is your right to move.

Any person who tells you it is not your right to move, is not saying the truth. Please don’t let them deceive you. We only pray that you don’t one day land in the house of a native doctor, in the name of moving from one church to another.

What is not in your right are the things I want to mention here.

This is where most of you have problem with your former church and former Pastor.

1. Never forget, that church once blessed your life, sometimes with blessings you cannot even return back to them. Some of us still use things we got from that church.
2. Never forget, that church you call evil church got you married, named your baby after wedding you, did your baby dedication.
Are they now bad because you left?
3. Never forget, that church stood with you in burying your loved ones. It could be a Father, Mother, etc. They supported you and stood with you. They cannot suddenly become evil.
4. Never forget, some of the members of that church once supported you financially. They don’t deserve the way you are paying them back… evil for the good they did to you.
5. Some of us have even left the new church we just joined after we left our former church. You can see that there is always a reason to leave any church you want to leave. People stay in church not because the church is without any fault, but they want to be part of the body of Christ somewhere.
6. Even your current church that you are boasting with at the moment, also have former members.
Former members are from every church. There is no church that is free from those groups of people. People also leave there.
7. Even your current Pastor and former Pastor both left somewhere. You will not find any Pastor who did not once worship in another church. We all left somewhere. But the difference is that we don’t speak against where we left like you are doing.
8. Telling people not to ever go to that church because you left there, is wickedness against your soul, because your very soul was once blessed and refreshed by that same church. Be careful how you treat a man whose efforts you once benefitted from. This is why some people have problem and they think somebody cursed them.
9. When you leave a place, wish them WELL and forget about them. If you always talk about where you left, it means you are either missing them, or you really don’t have anything meaningful you are doing with your life.
10. You can now see that there is no church where they give husband, children, money and the good things of life, otherwise, those who left their former church because of these things would have gotten them by now.
Every church has people not married, people still believing God for children.
So stop using people’s problem to mock their choice of church. Even you, have problem your current church can’t solve.
11. Stop saying ‘because I left that church, my Pastor refused to call me, check on me, or even know how I am doing, because I am no longer coming to his church’.
You are not understanding the difference between ‘my former Pastor and my current Pastor’.
The spiritual responsibility over your life is now with your current Pastor and not your former Pastor
One thing most members don’t know is that no Pastor wants another Pastor to pastor his members for him. Pastors are very protective of their members.
Some time ago, I went to the hospital to pray for a member of my former church who called me in his dying bed. When I got there, the wife said I should not pray, that their Pastor was coming to pray for him. As I was leaving, she said ‘daddy, don’t be angry, I know my Pastor how he behaves. He will be angry with him for even calling you’.
Whose fault? Mine of course! I went to pastor and care for a sheep that is not under my sheepfold.
12. And finally, let no Pastor or church deceive you. There is no special Heaven for only you and your church. We shall all meet in the same Heaven.
May we not get to Heaven and look for a carpenter to partition our different rooms according to our different churches. You may be the room-mate of the Pastor and church you called fake. What will you do? To change room? To change church in Heaven? There, you will learn to live with them eternally.

Let us forget all the evil speaking we do in the name of church and live a life that glorifies the name of God.


Thanks for reading.

Irabor Wisdom Robinson
Presiding Bishop Answers’ Assembly Warri Delta State Nigeria.

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