5 LAWS ON ASKING A LADY OUT – (2021 – 2022 Guide)

5 LAWS ON ASKING A LADY OUT – (2021 – 2022 Guide) Are you a Guy , planning to ask a lady out , don’t make mistakes , because it can ruin everything for you , kindly follow the guide below to get started.

Laws On Asking A Lady Out
Laws On Asking A Lady Out


1) Be Sure what You Want from her First.

it’s very bad for a lady you are “toasting” to ask you exactly what you want, and you are stuttering, telling her you people should start first, start wetin first? Na generator?
My friend, will you enter a taxi if the driver is not sure of his destination, and he tells you to enter first? Will you enter?

2) Don’t start calling her sweet names yet

You are applying for ADMISSION, don’t talk like a GRADUATE.
Aim high, but start small, like referring to her by her name first, when the gbedu don enter body, she’ll be the one suggesting sweet names for you to call her. Till then, calm down.
She’s still processing your application, she said she’ll think about it, which one is “My Love, baby, sweetheart, my pumpkin”
America have not given you visa, you are already speaking “in it, in it”….. kontinu Sir…

3) Give her small Space during the waiting period. .

Even Jesus Christ the Son of God, when he knocks at the door of our heart, he WAITS for us to open eet.
Your own, you want to break the door..
10 missed calls in 10 minutes.
“BABY, what of that thing I told you about?”
(you’ve broken 2 laws here already)
“Vicky, please don’t forget me, I’m waiting”
“My Love, give me a chance na, you won’t regret It”
… Uncle, she’s already regretting giving you her number..
Give her space to breath and evaluate things, you may pressure her to accept you and you end up regretting it.
Don’t stalk her, lest you end up giving her the impression that you are a serial killer.

4) Don’t Demand An instant Answer.

Don’t ask a lady to give you her answer there and then.
Relationship is not instant noodles.
A right thinking Lady will want to be sure you are normal before saying Yes to you. it’s nothing out of the ordinary.
If she says she just wants to be friends with you first, don’t walk away, you should be happy when a lady says this, it means she’s trying to study and get to know you, it means you have a chance to win her heart and be elected into office if you perform in the primaries (friendship) well..
Be Patient

5) If it becomes apparent that she’s just using your proposal to keep herself warm like cardigan, or she’s just wasting your time and she’s not actually interested in you, Jejely walk away.
is proposal you propose, you didn’t commit sin.

Thank You.
Except a lady really really likes you, breaking these laws can turn off any Lady who may have otherwise given you a chance and cost you a potential relationship/marriage.

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