Greatest “Sermon On O Lord Settle My Case” 2021

Greatest “Sermon On O Lord Settle My Case” 2021 , Do your part, those dreams that you’ve buried, you need to dig them back up.

Who told you it was dead? Who convinced you that you’ll never get well, you’ll never get out of debt, never meet the right person, never accomplish your dream? Those voices didn’t come from God.

That’s the enemy trying to deceive you into settling for less than you were created to be.

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Summary: “Sermon On O Lord Settle My Case”

He knows you have seeds of greatness; He knows you have gifts and talents you haven’t tapped into; He knows there are amazing things in your future.

It’s time to get the shovel out. Whatever you’ve buried, I’m asking you to start digging it up.

Whatever you’ve given up on, whatever you’ve talked yourself out of, whatever you’re convinced is not going to happen, those buried dreams need to be dug up. They’re still alive.

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