Great “Sermon On Overcoming Worry And Anxiety” 2021

Great “Sermon On Overcoming Worry And Anxiety” 2021 , The dreams God put in your heart never die. People may have done you wrong, you’ve had disappointments, it’s been a long time, but what God has stored up is on the way.

Sometimes God will surprise you. You didn’t see it coming. You thought it was too late, you missed your chance, you weren’t believing for it.

God has not forgotten about the secret petitions of your heart.

He knows what He whispered to you in the night. He knows the desires He put in you that nobody else knows about.

He saw what didn’t work out. He saw who left you out, the door that closed.

The good news is He didn’t run out of options.

It may not have been the right time. He may have put that desire in you for down the road. But that dream didn’t die because of what people did; it didn’t die because of the mistakes you made.

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