Girded! – Bishop T.D. Jakes (Sermon Notes + PDF)

Girded! – Bishop T.D. Jakes (Sermon Notes + PDF)

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Summary On Girded! by Bishop T.D. Jakes

Even though people tried to destroy you like Jesus in order to rise again we must forgive them for they know not what they do. Yes, from their standpoint they couldn’t see who you truly are so they hurt you not knowing that your DNA had royal rights. Never forget that Jesus encountered even greater attacks and after all of it the only thing on His mind was forgiveness for your sake. Why? Because He knew that forgiveness had to be sown in order to rise again to true purpose. Let go, forgive and leave it behind because where God is about to ascend you to that hurt can’t go along with you. It’s your time to let it burn so that you can rise from the ashes to new levels that you never imagined.

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