Dr. Paul Enenche And Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke – Read This

Dr. Paul Enenche once Visited Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke during one of his crusades in Nigeria. He took care of the hotel bills and slept on the same bed Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke slept, days after the Evangelist has left, Dr. Paul Enenche went back to the hotel and asked for the same room the evangelist lodged, straight away to the bed of the Evangelist, praying and connecting to whatever mantle dropped or was left on the bed the evangelist slept, using it as a point of contact to connect to the Mantles and Grace that was upon Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke.

Dr. Paul Enenche And Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke

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Dr. Paul Enenche And Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke – Read This

While preparing for the program, the organisers told Reinhard Bonkey the support received from Dr. Paul Enenche.

He asked to pray for him. And when he laid hands on him, this was the prayer;
“My Father whatever passion you had for the lost souls that made you come down from heaven to die for them, please give just a drop of or a portion of this passion to this young man”. And that was how something exploded in Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche.
The rugged Evangelistic passion and drives upon his life is an indication of a transfered of multiples Mantles.

Now his church services are crusades on its own.
Learn to honour the anointing.

You can pray for yourself but Understand that someone can also pray for you for God to speed up and magnify His works in you.

Oil must be honoured.
Mantles must be served.
Graces must be sought for.

Evang. Prince Ekeke
Evang. Isaac. O. Sunday

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