Check This Powerful “Sermon On A Good Pastor” – 2021

Check This Powerful “Sermon On A Good Pastor” – 2021

One of the greatest miracles of the Bible began with Jesus asking one important question, “What do you have?” Never did say “How much do you have?” or “What does it cost?” Understand that if God is fine with whatever you have, eventually you have to as well.

Next time you’re going through tough times of your own, ask yourself “What do I have to be a blessing to someone else?” It’s impossible to receive your next blessings while having a “me complex” wondering what’s in it for you.

No farmer ever expects a harvest on a seed they’ve refuse to release. Invest into your next by contributing to other’s favorable outcomes.

Eventually you’ll discover that the blessing was never tied to the harvest but the power of whatever you planted originally.

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