Check This Amazing “Sermon On Faith In Hard Times” 2021

Check This Amazing “Sermon On Faith In Hard Times” 2021 , I Know that this sermon will motivate you and keep you blessed.

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Summary On “Sermon On Faith In Hard Times”

God is a Holy God and He cannot stand any form of sin. God wants us to serve Him the way He wants not the way we want.

The message of grace can send a lot of Christians to hell and they may not achieve a productive and victorious christian life.

For example, will you say that because there are car mechanics you will intentionally be involved in a car accident? Will you intentionally poison yourself because there are doctors?
Grace is there to help you incase you fall so that you can continue the race. Sadly some people just want to remain in grace.

Unrepented sin will lead you to hell. God is a Holy God. He is still the same God of the old testament. He cannot behold iniquity. Let’s tell ourselves the truth so we can be free indeed.

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