Td Jakes Sermon - May 2021 (Top 5) Photo February 22, 2024

TD Jakes Sermon – May 2021 (Top 5)

TD Jakes Sermon – May 2021 (Top 5)

If you only knew how close you were to breaking through, “quitting” would not be on your to-do list. I’m talking close like the woman with the issue of blood in the same room with Jesus reaching out for His garment close.

Or perhaps the seventh lap around the walls of Jericho when they were about to shout close. You are on the doorstep of something BIG and it’s important that you see this thing all the way out in order to reap the benefits of your blessings.

Keep going, I know what you’ve been through took a toll BUT it couldn’t take you out because God is the Author and Finisher of this story. Don’t give up!!!!!!

Txt. He Speaks My Language - Bishop T.d. Jakes (Free Mp3 Download) Photo February 22, 2024

TXT. He Speaks My Language – Bishop T.D. Jakes (Free MP3 Download)

TXT. He Speaks My Language – Bishop T.D. Jakes (Free MP3 Download) , ger more TD Jakes 2021 Sermons as Free PDF Audio , get started below.

Summary: He Speaks My Language – Bishop T.D. Jakes

When life gets crazy and you feel all alone thinking has God left you, the answer is no, but the better question is who else have you invited into the conversation? Stop allowing unqualified people, social media and every other outside voice into your life interrupting your connection to God.

We have a tendency to listen the loudest voices in our lives because it’s normally the closest but understand that not all advice is YOUR advice. During a time when distractions are at an all time high that’s even more indication that we must get closer to God, for He is our answer.


Don’t let life be louder than God’s presence because eventually you’ll serve your situation over your solution. God hasn’t moved, in fact He wants to move closer as soon as we make more room for Him. Let’s all lean in and listen to what God wants to say to His beloved.