Listen To This Great &Quot;Sermon On Restoration And Recovery&Quot; 2021 Photo March 24, 2023

Listen To This Great “Sermon On Restoration And Recovery” 2021

Listen To This Great “Sermon On Restoration And Recovery” 2021 , What ever you are going through Today , note that a time of Restoration is coming.

Summary: “Sermon On Restoration And Recovery”


1. When you miss church, nobody is affected but you
2. When you withdraw as a worker, God replaces you on time to the point you become IRRELEVANT
3. When you deliberately refuse to support church projects, God raises other better and serious givers
4. When you start fighting the church, God sees you as his ENEMY
5. When you leave the church, more serious people come in.
6. When you eat your TITHES, offerings and SACRIFICE, the Grace on the CHURCH stops working for you.
7. When you gossip your church to other members or outsiders, you become a rebel and a disloyal worshiper.
8. When you speak evil of the church, the angels working with the church withdraws from you.
9. When you don’t want control, discipline and correction from the church, you are one step closer to DANGER.
10. Your Church is the symbol of the ministry’s mantle and mandate and not you, so with you or without you the work will succeed. See yourself privileged to be a part of God’s program.


Txt. Swing Your Sword | Joel Osteen (Free Mp3 Download) Photo March 24, 2023

TXT. Swing Your Sword | Joel Osteen (Free MP3 Download)

TXT. Swing Your Sword | Joel Osteen (Free MP3 Download) , Get it below and note that 2021 Sermon By Joel Osteen are available on our platform.

Summary: Swing Your Sword | Joel Osteen

Right now the spirit of offense is at an all time high and has became a huge stumbling block for God’s people.

Understand that the enemy can use anybody to divide God’s people but we must discern we aren’t battling a physical obstacle but a spiritual enemy.

Take Jesus for example, He easily could have rebuked Peter for his comment but that opposing spirit would have still remained.

Stop living in the spirit of offense becoming easily offended by what others say and start addressing the elephant in the room which is the enemy who wants to steal, kill and destroy.

Remember God gave you the authority to bind and loose evil spirits, so stop allowing evil to reign in a jurisdiction He gave you power over.

Call those spirits out, tell divisive negativity to go and get back to building up the Kingdom of God.

There’s much work to be done and it can’t be completed walking around offended by the littlest things. In order to go up we must GROW UP.

Powerful &Quot;Sermon On Obedience To God&Quot; 2021 Photo March 24, 2023

Powerful “Sermon On Obedience To God” 2021

Powerful “Sermon On Obedience To God” 2021 , Want to learn how to Obey God , i guess that this sermon will not be a bad deal , check it out and share.

This Sermon On Obedience To God was preached by Joel Osteen the senior pastor of Lakewood Church.

Summary On “Sermon On Obedience To God”


Satan is your number one enemy. Why did God refused to for the devil?
Why did God forgive David and rejected Saul? Why did Jesus forgive Peter and didn’t forgive Judas?

Some people are wicked. They sit down to plan evil. I have seen a man planning to break the heart of his partner while he is still with her. People who plan evil are dead.

If you can repent from your wrong, God will forgive you. David and Peter repented and turned back to God. The devil is proud and he cannot repent and he has no love.

Don’t be a dead person, run to God and He will receive you and show you mercy. Call on Him now.

Check This Amazing &Quot;Sermon On Faith In Hard Times&Quot; 2021 Photo March 24, 2023

Check This Amazing “Sermon On Faith In Hard Times” 2021

Check This Amazing “Sermon On Faith In Hard Times” 2021 , I Know that this sermon will motivate you and keep you blessed.

Summary On “Sermon On Faith In Hard Times”

God is a Holy God and He cannot stand any form of sin. God wants us to serve Him the way He wants not the way we want.

The message of grace can send a lot of Christians to hell and they may not achieve a productive and victorious christian life.

For example, will you say that because there are car mechanics you will intentionally be involved in a car accident? Will you intentionally poison yourself because there are doctors?
Grace is there to help you incase you fall so that you can continue the race. Sadly some people just want to remain in grace.

Unrepented sin will lead you to hell. God is a Holy God. He is still the same God of the old testament. He cannot behold iniquity. Let’s tell ourselves the truth so we can be free indeed.