Biological Mother Of Apostle Joshua Selman – Pictures

Biological Mother Of Apostle Joshua Selman – Pictures , So some people are asking me to upload the Photo of Apostle Joshua Selman’s Mother.

Mother Of Apostle Joshua Selman
Mother Of Apostle Joshua Selma


Note that Apostle Joshua Selman is the founder of Koinonia.


For many years i will not preach in my own state,
I will preach in neighboring state, i didn’t know why that happen.
My own family my own blood mother, things were not going on as well,
And one time my mother was very very sad and she was fade up,

Every time i went home to greet them, i didn’t feel like a man of God again,
It was as if the anointing will hang at the gate as soon as i get out, it comes back and say oya let get back to work,

Not because they were bad people, but one day my blood mother, biological mother,
She now look at me and say, we are tired of this there has to be a way,
And my mother cried that day and say but you are blessing others and lifting the life of others,

And that day for the first time that grace and that anointing, i felt that grace with the whole of my heart.

And i lay my hands on my own blood mother and i said mummy, i stand in the name of Jesus and i shift you to a dimensions untold,

Today i speak to you in the name of the lord , people who do not know me, finds our family house in Jos and knock the gate, are you Apostle mother? This is for you, thank you for giving birth to Apostle.

Please listen

John the Baptist saw Jesus coming and he said, i know you are the Christ………………and he said i am not even Worthy to untie the latent of your shoe,
Jesus could have said i thought you don’t know,
Let me tell you this, Jesus the word was under a closed heaven 30 years till honor opens his heavens,
Jesus says suffer it to be so, in other word this is an ordinance that i cannot violent.
Listen to me carefully

Honor opens heavens

Please share to let someone understand the power of honor

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