Apostle Joshua Selman Programs 2021 – 2021 – KOINONIA

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Apostle Joshua Selman Programs

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Summary: Apostle Joshua Selman Programs 2021 – 2021 – KOINONIA

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They say, “The steps of a good man are ordered by God.” Why? Because those very same steps never leave the presence of God. If you want to see mighty miracles in your life place a demand for the presence of God to be present in every thing you do in life. Make up your mind that if God isn’t present then you will be absent hanging around in unprotected lands. Stop being so caught up in the pursuit that you forget His presence, be like Moses and do not make a move unless God does first. Now is a time when being in the wrong places without the presence of God could be set you back too far. Don’t lose your footing, keep stepping in His presence.

Apostle Joshua Selman speaks:
The reality of our humanity does not allow us to laugh and merry all the time. It’s not normal to look at the dead body of your loved one and still rejoice…If you stand in the midst of fire and pain and still rejoice, the bible testifies that there is an unusual supply of such Joy. .So to be joyful always is not going to be by strength but by a supply of grace from God that sponsors consistent joy ..It is called the oil of Joy.
Joy is a requirement for supernatural intervention. God does not intervene just because he is mighty.Joy is one of the requirements that pave way for him to come. Paul and Silas found a way to sing in prison even when bound in chains and we see what happened next.
There is a law in this kingdom, you only reap when there is joy.. “they that sow in tears shall reap in joy”.
Joy is a realm that allows harvest.
He is saying there is a way out of that situation so rejoice.. Joy supplies stamina to remain in the battle and fight till you win because you will win.. Some battles may not be won overnight, so you may need to wait..Joy is the strength you need to wait. Waiting is the hardest thing for believers..Five minutes to your breakthrough, it may not still look like it. It will take stamina to persist till you see it.
It takes strength to remain even when your wife is still not pregnant or the testimony is not coming…but Joy will give you strength to stand till you see your testimony come to pass…
Job said..”though he slay me, yet I will trust him…I know it is within his power to save me” .
Things will always give you reasons to be sad. Things will always seem to attempt to mock God in your life. the greatest mistake you will make is to continually be discussing your pain. Turn your eyes from your pain and look to YESHUA..THE ONE WHO IS ABLE TO SAVE

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