Apostle Joshua Selman Daily Devotional – October 2021

Here is the compilation of daily Apostle Joshua Selman Daily Devotional – October 2021 , Note that this page will always be updated on daily terms.Apostle Joshua Selman Daily Devotional

Apostle Joshua Selman Daily Devotional – October 2021

Apostle Joshua Selman speaks:

Everything you are praying for is already looking for you but not this version of you..
Creation is waiting for the manifestation of the sons…

Everything in life waits for you to grow to their realm before they can come. Every time they check and you have not reached that level of growth, they will go back and wait for you to grow to that level. There is a way you will grow that things in your level leave you and things in a higher level get attacted to you.

Animals came to the ark in the days of Noah not because he went looking for them one by one, but as soon as the ark grew and was finished, they where drawn to it. It is a law of the spirit. Grow!

Stop chasing things..
Focus on growth..
Seek knowledge.
And you will find rest.
You will know growth by the ease it brings.
When you struggle, stop and check your growth level..

Apostle Joshua Selman Daily Devotional – 3rd October 2021

Apostle Joshua Selman speaks:

When life is giving you a scar, respect it…It is why a crown will be put upon your head. Please am encouraging you so that you won’t allow this thing people say that believers can not be challenged, things can’t go wrong…etc.. And while you are in the process of training,they make you look somehow.. No..
If it means to cry, don’t be ashamed..Don’t cover it.

One of the most powerful places in scripture is..
“And Jesus wept”..
Why would Jesus cry?

He is the word.. the light..the resurrection yet he wept.

You may be going through it now dear powerful man and woman of God..Dear apostle, pastor teacher in the making..

Yes you have not understood everything now..Yes my sister it’s true that that prophetic grace is not yet speaking but be patient with God.

It is true he called you to be a kingdom financier but as it is now you have not seen it…
Be patient with God.

Your prayer life is not yet that strong…

Don’t worry.

When he is done with you, then you will see what you will become.

While you are standing there is sickness and you still quote scripture “by his stripes I am healed” yet the sickness refuses to go and the world mocks you..

You see the world will usually notice your scars and mock you and you may try to cover it up…but leave it my dear brother ..my dear sister..leave it with honour. Let them witness the scars because when God lifts you, they are the same ones that will testify to the world that they knew you when you were crying.

Take your eyes off your current situation..Keep on praying..keep on Fasting.. just stay… Don’t give up.. tell your wife ONE DAY THINGS WILL BE ALRIGHT.

Be patient with God..
The psalmist says..”.my soul wait thou upon the Lord”..

Apostle Joshua Selman Daily Devotional – October 2021 2nd

Apostle Joshua Selman speaks;

Stop being ashamed of your today. Great men are made in the furnace of affliction.. Oil is made by crushing the olive. God is making something out of you.

Be patient and keep building yourself. Your future is looking for a version of you that is still in making. Stay with God.

When life is giving you a scar, respect it..It is why a crown will be put on your head.
If it means to cry, don’t be ashamed..Even Jesus wept.

You maybe going through it now dear powerful man and woman of God in making..yes it is true my sister that you don’t understand what’s going on now.. Don’t worry.. you will see what you will become when God is done with you.

Carry your scar with honour..when God lifts you they will be the witness.
Be patient with God. Wait on and for him. Everybody goes through seasons. There are certain cups you don’t pray away..ask for grace to go through them.

I know you don’t have house rent but please don’t act as if the whole world has ended.. You may not have food but hold your cup of water with tears in your eyes and say Lord I know i will feed nations.. Apostle I’ve been praying for fruit of the womb what have I not done?

Don’t worry.. There is speed in waiting.

You don’t have a car now be patient.. God is doing something with you. When he blesses you he will do it in a way that will shut the mouth of mockers.

My life is a testimony.

Apostle Joshua Selman Daily Devotional – October 2021 5th

Apostle Joshua Selman speaks

There are four keys to provoke divine intervention. Anytime you need the quick intervention of heaven over a matter, do these four things and your life will change in a way that will surprise you:


It was the prayer of the saints that brought Peter out of prison. Paul and Silas prayed and sang and the chains broke and doors opened.Prayer can open doors and breaks chains. Regardless of what the situation is, please pray especially in the Spirit.
Prayer brings strange intervention.


Praise as an instrument of warfare blessing him in advance. Praise can work wonders. Praise him with a dance. You can cry but please still praise. Praise is one of the powerful ways to disgrace the devil. He expects you to be depressed and broken but you disgrace him by praise. You don’t praise God when things are going well, you praise him to make things go well. Ignore the thoughts of disappointment that come to your mind when you praise..Praise God and create your testimony.


Brothers and sisters, Everytime you are in a situation that only God can step in, having prayed, package a seed and speak to it.Give it an instruction and sow it. Do it with revelation and connect your faith on it as a sacrifice to provoke God’s intervention.

4. THE POWER OF PROPHECY(2Kings 7:1-8, Hosea 12:13):

Brothers and sisters, God still has anointed men he uses by the election of grace that he has put ancient possibilities in them. They may not look like it but Your own price is just to believe. When prophecies come, please just believe it.

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  1. Kennedy mwale from Zambia,since i got connected to your blessings. I always sleep with the message playing all night and has help me to grow my inner life and able to see things beyond problem.
    May the merciful GOD continue using you sir.


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