2021 Short Sermons On Encouragement PDF – (Full Updates)

2021 Short Sermons On Encouragement PDF – (Full Updates) , Checkout these sermons below and note that you can always get the Download Sermon Notes Below.

Short Sermons On Encouragement Pdf
Short Sermons On Encouragement Pdf

List Of Top 5 Sermons On Encouragement:

1. You Are Not A Victim | Joel Osteen

Stop holding onto people who’ve done you wrong and get back to what really matters….. YOU. The best revenge you can ever have is to live as if those weapons that tried to form never prospered at all. The more you give attention to a problem the less energy you will have for a solution. Live with a “as if” mindset, functioning as if they never existed in your life. Payback doesn’t matter, your progress does. You deserve to be in a better place not stuck in the mud of revenge. Take your power back and focus on what’s important, you. You existed before them, make sure you exist after them as well. It’s your time.

2. The Power Of The Blessing | Joel Osteen

When there’s more to your story, stop letting your ending be dictated by others and give it back to God. Understand that anything Jesus begins, He will complete with a triumphant ending in the appointed time. Be patient and avoid being antsy because when we allow others or ourselves to executive produce our own story, we tend to have alternate endings. Stop giving the pen to people who don’t entirely know your story. Your faith will never finish or gain strength while being fixed on the wrong things. Faith only works when it’s directed back to who originally created it, give your focus to God and Him alone. Be confident that whatever starts from God will be completed at the right time. Your testimony may have many chapters, but if you want to get to the good part give it back to the One who created it.

3. Stay Positive Toward Yourself | Joel Osteen

Do you wonder why things never really clicked when you’re around certain people? It’s because that’s not your tribe. Just like the 12 tribes in the Bible, each tribe had their own signature, personally and destiny, so fitting in was never an objective. Stop trying to fit in tribes that completely contrast how God uniquely made you to be because ultimately you will never find happiness in foreign lands. Be comfortable standing out from the crowd being the vibe God created in you. The worst thing you can ever do is waste good years in bad tribes and realize that your destiny was in a different direction. Understand that you will never reach your full God given potential trying to emulate others. Be fearfully and wonderfully made to be different and watch God bring the right vibes to your tribe. You’ll never have to force who God made you to be because His image fits you well. Now that’s a vibe…….

4. Unclutter Your Mind | Joel Osteen

Understand that the betrayal isn’t the end of your story, but merely a small part of it. Actually, if you truly knew where your testimony was headed you would spend less time thinking about the devastation of the betrayal and more time on how dynamic your destiny will be. Just like Judas some people’s only role in your life is to betray you but if we carried the same perseverance as Jesus did we would see God isn’t done getting the glory in our story. Stop getting so buried by betrayal that you forget to live through the resurrection. Get over those people who’ve wronged you because little did they know something was set in motion redirecting you to a destiny too big for them to imagine. Forgive and forget because you can’t pick up blessings while holding a hand full of grudges. God has a plan with a redemptive purpose and THIS TOO you will overcome just like Jesus did.

5. Something New Is Coming | Joel Osteen

Sometimes standing alone is a far better decision than staying around things and people that hurt you on a regular basis. The distance you create allows old wounds to heal and helps you gather strength resistant to previous pain. Healing never happens when you keep hanging out with what’s constantly hurting you. The more you stay in an environment that picks the scabs of your past pain things will never heal properly thus continuing in an vicious cycle. Sometimes the best medicine is a double dose of solitude and silence. By removing yourself you allow your situation to breathe as well as putting you in a better position for God to restore you. Realize that just because misery loves your company doesn’t mean you should accept the invitation. Place your restoration and recovery as your top priority and don’t stop until you reach your place of peace.

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