2021 Sermons On Gays and Homosexuality – (Sermon Notes TXT)

2021 Sermons On Gays and Homosexuality – (Sermon Notes TXT) , Oprah Asks, “Is Homosexuality Sin?” What Do You Say? (Voddie v Osteen, Jakes, Lentz, Daigle, Lecrae)

so don’t let anybody tell you that it’s


loving if you stand flat-footed and

speak the truth

about this issue of homosexuality what’s


loving is to look someone in the eye

when god

says they are in jeopardy of an eternity

in hell

and merely wink and nod at their sin

because you’re afraid of being called


but does that mean that you’re saying i

just because i want to be clear and i

don’t want to

interpret anything that isn’t does that

mean that you’re saying that you believe

that being gay would is a sin


through crime you see civil partnerships

being sanctioned

you think that’s wrong yeah i think it’s

i think it’s wrong but i’m not going to

bash those people i’m not going to be

against those people

they’re they’re good people they’re

they’re good people

they’re they’re good people it’s like

you’re judging us

on you well to me i just i’m not i’m not

the one to judge and say

you know who’s bad and who’s good

otherwise you’d have to go through

everybody you know every one of us said

you know what i got some pride or i’ve


i had an evil thought the other day

those are sins too

i don’t know that god is judging sins on

different levels but we pick out that

one so

i mean our message if i mean you know if

you listen to my message they’re about

lifting people

up and so it’s not i mean i really talk

about the homosexuality when we get on

the interviews

and i really talk about the

homosexuality when we get on the


it’s an issue that you know it’s a heart

issue and i don’t know that i fully

understand it

let me ask you a question because when

you came on piers morgan show a while

ago he asked you about homosexuality

christianity homosexuality and almost

every time we have a pastor on it’s a

conversation we have

and you you are known for these

uplifting ceremonial services and you

talk to a lot of what’s like 45 000

people who attend and i always wonder

when you are

you say homosexuality is a sin and

there’s a bunch of people who clearly

are gay who are

in your church you’re calling them

sinners i mean that well

so that’s the opposite of uplifting it

does but one one i don’t necessarily

focus on that i only talk about that on

the interviews

one one i don’t necessarily focus on

that i only talk about that on the


i mean so don’t you think though that

with the with the country struggling

with increasing

acceptance of all its citizens and

you’re for basic fairness for everybody


in situations where like we’re trying to

pass these marriage equality bills in

certain states now that you ought to you

have an important voice to lend to that

especially the kids who are

maybe worried about who they are and

where they fit in the community

well you know i think i have an

important voice but i’m very i think

i’ve been good i think part of my

if you want to call it success is i’ve

stayed in my lane and my lane

is lifting people’s spirits and their

their issues that

good bible-believing people see on both

sides of the fence

but so my question is when you’re

talking to your forty five thousand


in your service and some of them are gay

you’re saying to them you’re a sinner

well so that first off in my services i

don’t cover

all these issues that we talk about here

i am and i don’t understand all the all

those issues and so

you know i try to stick on the issues

that i do understand and i i know this

i’m for everybody i’m not for pushing

people down

obviously i watch the story on bullying

stuff other things like that that comes

from it so

i don’t know where the fine line is but

i do try to stay in my lane

and you know lift people’s spirits a

question coming in from uh black 185 in

our in our uh digital community

said do you do you think i’m assuming uh

lgbt community in the black church can


absolutely let me push that question

because that’s sort of

obvious yes church ain’t turning nobody

away how should the black church and

lgbt community

i think it’s going to be diverse from

church to church every church has a

different opinion on the issue and every

gay person is different and i think that

to to speak the church the black church

or white church or any kind of church

you want to call it

are all the same is totally totally not


and all gay people are not the same the

the types of relationships that are


are based on the types of people in each

individual case

and lgbts of wipes and sorts have to


a household of worship that reflects

what your views are

and what you believe like anybody else

and the church should have the right to

have its own convictions and values

if you don’t like those convictions and

values you totally disagree with it

don’t try to change my house move into

your own and

establish that sort of thing and find

somebody who gets

what you get about faith and trust me

i’ve talked to enough lgbt they are not

all the same oh for sure

any more than all christians so no uh

but how do we

first of all is you’re thinking involved

doing this he evolved and evolving

involved in evolving he evolved and


involved in evolving well it’s a complex

issue it’s a real complex issue and it

was in the bible day sexuality versus


paul spends a lot of time wrestling back

and forth trying to understand

uh should a woman wear her head covered

is you know uh

should you cut your hair i mean they

groppled back then and we’re groppling

now because we are humans and we are

flawed and we are not

god once you understand you’re not god

you you leave yourself an outclass

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just to play devil’s advocate i mean do

you feel like it’s hard for you because

you’re so sweet

but but do you feel like you know there

you have a moral imperative

to to speak publicly about some of these

more controversial

issues no because we try to be like

jesus very rarely

did jesus ever talk about morality or

social issues

he was about the deeper things of the

heart every article i’ve read

about you guys says he declined to

discuss gay marriage yeah it’s a

misquote because

i do discuss it just not the way people

want me to when it comes to

homosexuality i refuse to let

another human being or a immediate


dictate how we approach it jesus was

in the thick of an era where


just like it is today was wildly


and i’m still waiting for someone to

show me the quote where jesus

addressed it on the record in front of


you won’t find it because he never did

argument number one

is the argument that jesus never


homosexuality this is a very popular


people will look at this and they’ll say

well you’re a christian which means

you’re a follower of christ

right well yeah i’m a follower of christ


as a follower of christ it seems very

strange to me that you’re making a big


out of something that jesus never


one time in the gospels

not one time and for most christians

they hear that and we’re just sort of

taken aback and

you know our response is usually


along the lines of uh what um

so you um well was

was bad we don’t we don’t

what and we just don’t know what to say

right um well here’s what you say

number one jesus did address


uh he addressed it in matthew chapter

five and in matthew 19

because in matthew chapter five in

matthew chapter 19 he addressed the

issue of

marriage he rooted his understanding of

marriage in the teaching

in genesis chapter 2 the teaching in

genesis chapter 2 that gave us marriage

between a man

and a woman for the purposes of


illustration and sanctification he also

made it very clear that what man has

joined together

what god has joined together man cannot

separate in other words

god is the author of marriage not man

therefore god is the one who defines


not man therefore man does not have the


to introduce the concept of same-sex


number one because by definition it’s

not marriage

it’s another thing and number two


by definition it goes against what was

created in genesis chapter two

so jesus did address homosexuality

do you feel that homosexuality is a sin

you know i can’t honestly answer on that

i have too many people that i love that

they are homosexual

i don’t know i can’t say one way or the


i’m not god so when people ask

questions like that that’s what my go-to

is i just say read the bible and find

out for yourself and when you find out

let me know

because i’m learning too so if one of

your kids let’s say one of your male


yeah comes to you at 20

23 years old says hey dad this is my


we’re engaged we’re gonna get married

next month and i want you to be in the


yeah what would you say my thing is like

this i don’t

like my brother’s gay you know what i’m

saying and so

like i don’t i don’t condemn him i don’t

look down on him for

him being attracted to the opposite sex

you know what i’m saying that’s

that’s something sex yeah or the same

sex excuse me i don’t condemn him

you know what i’m saying like if

anything we’ll we will dialogue so that

i can have a better understanding

because i don’t profess to be like i got

this all figured out

and i know the way this should be like

i’m trying to read the bible i’m trying

to have conversations with people and

i’m trying to

understand you know the perspective you

know what i’m saying and i feel like


who wants to come at a person negatively

like if you was if you was a christian

and you came to me negatively then it’s

like you’re not giving me the grace and

the space to be a learner

you know what i mean help me you know

give me the space and the grace to learn

and and that’s how that’s how we move

forward you know what i’m saying so you

can point something out to me and say

hey this is what it says macrae you

should know better you should know this

well you know give me the grace and the

space to to take my time and

understand the perspective on it and

understand why these people think it

this way and

like that’s that’s the perspective i

have i’m more of a learner and i give

people to grace into space

as i’m processing and as i’m learning um

you know and just walk with people

through that you know what i mean just

be a lifelong learner man


so what’s wrong with homosexuality

a number of things but just a few in

this context number one

it’s a violation of the created order

it’s a violation of the created order

it’s not how we remain

secondly it denounces procreation


it denounces procreation categorically

and i say categorically because you know

the homosexual lobby they try to be

slick or

are you saying that people who are

beyond childbearing years shouldn’t get


no because categorically they are still

the two corresponding parts

of humanity that produce children

and produce a family that is designed to


rear and protect children so

categorically they’re still in the same

ballpark even if they don’t have

children thirdly it blasphemes the


it blasphemes the illustration this is

especially true when we understand the

illustration of christ

and his bride the church and then

finally it denies the very need for


because it takes what god calls sinful

and calls it righteous

god calls this an abomination and we

instead call it righteous

it’s the only sin by the way for which


destroyed cities with fire and brimstone

it’s unique it’s unique

it’s not like other sins it’s unique

not all sins are called abominations

homosexuality is unique

in that regard very few sins in that

category and not all sins whether

ended in god destroying twin cities with

fire and brimstone

it’s unique in that regard not all sins

are talked about in the bible like in

romans 1

as having a penalty in the flesh

homosexuality is it’s unique

in that regard but listen to this

to suggest in public that homosexuality

might be chosen

is to open the can of worms labeled

moral choice

and sin and give the religious

intransigence a stick to beat us with

straits must be taught

excuse me

straits must be taught that it is as

natural for some persons to be


as it is for others to be heterosexual


and seduction have nothing to do with it

and since no choice is involved

gayness can be no more blameworthy than


i want you to notice that this is an

argument from origins

this is an argument based upon their

understanding of the nature

of man this is why genesis

matters they’re arguing that this is the


we were made or this is the way that we


evolved and therefore there is no

morality associated with it

and this is a dangerous statement to


i mean suppose you know we can we can

say that i have a genetic

predisposition toward violence

does that make it okay because we can


that i have a genetic predisposition if

i have a genetic predisposition toward


does that make it okay

officer pulls me over sir

you’ve been drinking i’ll suffer i don’t

even know

sir you want to get out of the car okay

but before i do

you should need to know i got that drunk


oh well sir i’m sorry please weave on

your way

and so out of step with psychology what

psychology proves this stuff yeah

because everybody knows that that’s how

people are born right

we have the leve brain study you know

bailey bailey and pillars twin study

we have hamer’s x chromosome study um

you know we’ve got uh

savic’s pheromone study so of course i

mean all of these things by the way none

of these things

none of these things none of these

things has proven a genetic

connection to homosexuality and even if

it did it wouldn’t matter

so this is how they argue one way they

argue is this they say

homosexuality is an is as immutable as


you’ve heard that right it’s immutable

it’s just like

ethnicity it’s just like your race

that’s not true

by the way first corinthians 6 9-11

do you not know that the unrighteous

will not inherit the kingdom of god

do not be deceived neither they sexually

immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor

men who practice homosexuality nor


nor the greeting or drunkards nor

revilers nor swindlers will inherit the

kingdom of god

and such were some of you but you were

washed you were sanctified you were


in the name of the lord jesus christ and

by the spirit of god

that’s 2 000 year old evidence that

people stop being homosexual

two thousand-year-old evidence

you say what you want about michael

jackson he did not stop being black

another thing you do as far as jamming

you want to understand what jamming is

jamming works when you take

two contradictory images and juxtapose


and so christian people hate the idea of

the nazis and the skinheads and the kkk

so what you do is you portray people who

are against

same-sex marriage as being akin to

nazis skinheads and the kkk

since nobody wants to be accused of

being a nazis skinhead or the kkk

eventually nobody’s going to want to be

accused of being anti-same-sex marriage

this is jamming this is why in your

average sunday sermon from a pastor that

deals with homosexuality

the first third of it will be


imagine this on a sunday morning from a


now church we’re going to address the

issue of adultery but i don’t want you

to be alarmed i am not here to bash


i love adulterers jesus loves adulterers

i have friends who are adulterers and i

believe that our church needs to be open

and accepting toward adulterers and i

want you to be

right that just feels wrong doesn’t it

but every time a pastor goes to preach

on homosexuality

we expect that to be up front why

because we’ve been

jammed that’s why

we’ve been jammed it has been successful

that’s why the most onerous sin

that you can imagine from a scriptural


has us apologizing for saying what god

says about it

so don’t let anybody tell you that it’s


loving if you stand flat-footed and

speak the truth

about this issue of homosexuality what’s


loving is to look someone in the eye

when god

says they are in jeopardy of an eternity

in hell

and merely wink and nod at their sin

because you’re afraid of being called



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